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Stellaris: Patch 1.4 and Horizon Signal DLC

By FallenXE - 18th December 2016 - 15:51 PM

The folks over at Paradox have roped in esteemed British writer and game designer Alexis Kennedy, of Sunless Sea and Fallen London fame, to help out with the next narrative-based dlc for Stellaris, Horizon Signal. In conjuction with that, Patch 1.4 "Kennedy" has also been launched for gamers to update.

The following are excerpts of the notes for Patch 1.4 and the Horizon Signal DLC respectively:

Patch 1.4

  • Added 33 new achievements
  • No longer possible to build robots on planets belonging to sectors
  • Added victory event after defeating the Prethoryn Scourge
  • Added new events for discovering additional Precursor anomalies, so that the quest chains can always be completed
  • Changed the way the Extradimensionals work: Instead of spawning reinforcements as soon as a fleet is lost, the Extradimensional portal will create new fleets at a fixed rate depending on the number of dimensional anchors the Extradimensionals have placed in the galaxy. Dimensional anchors are a type of station that the Extradimensionals construct, and their main portal is invincible while any dimensional anchors exist in the galaxy. This should make the war against the Extradimensionals more of a long-term fight and less of a surgical strike against the portal.
Source: Paradox

Horizon Signal DLC

  • How do I get this new content?
    - Just make sure that you are online on Steam and it should be automatically added. You can check the DLC tab in the launcher to make sure.

  • Will the Horizon Signal content be available in already started games, or do I need to start a new game to access it?
    - Even if you are playing a save that was started before the release of Horizon Signal, the event chain can still occur in your game.

  • What exactly is the new content?
    - It's a somewhat rare event chain that can potentially be triggered at any time in your game.

  • I can't see Horizon Signal in my DLC list, neither in the launcher or Steam
    - Restart Steam by exiting properly and starting it again.
Source: Paradox

Paradox has also released an announcement trailer for the Horizon Signal DLC which you can view below:

The Horizon Signal DLC is free and is included along with the Patch 1.4 update.

Do tell us your thoughts on this latest expansion for the game and do take note that the Paradox Developer Diaries will only be back on January 12 2017 as the developers are off for their Christmas holiday!