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HOI4 - Death and Dishonor

By Reddev32 - 16th June 2017 - 19:10 PM

Good afternoon fellow gamers,

Paradox Interactive have recently announced Death Or Dishonour as a new Country Pack for Hearts Of Iron IV. If you're aware of the history in some depth you might be able to guess where this country pack will be set, but for those that don't know we will be taking a closer look at the Soviet Union and the smaller countries that lay within her territory.

With this new DLC you will be able to experience all new National Focus Trees for Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia and finally Yugoslavia. Combined with the new national focus trees we can expect to see unique events, nation-specific art, music and other exciting features added for all of these countries. This will allow you to experience a whole other dimension to the conflict and see what happens when you disobey the orders of the USSR.

Will you decide to change the course of history and be the ones responsible for the rise of the Fatherland, or will you stand strong and fight with the Motherland. Only you can decide.

New Features,
Four New Focus Trees - Experience the war from the difficult perspectives of Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.
Equipment Conversion - Update your arsenal by converting older units -- or make use of captured enemy vehicles and gear.
New Music and Art - 3 new thematic musical tracks from composer Andreas Waldetoft, new art content for the four focus nations, and new troop voiceovers.
new Diplomatic and Puppet Interactions - License military technology to bring other nations’ weapons to the field or sell your advances to the highest bidder. Fascist countries get new subject levels like Reichskommissariat, with access to licenses, industry and strategic resources. The instated governments are held in an iron grip, making it harder for them to break free.

Order Here and Play Today

Other Offers on HOI4 are,
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Colonel Edition - 50% off at £20.99
DLC - Together For Victory - 10% off at £10.79

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