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Stellaris: Leviathans DLC

By ScuttleShip - 7th October 2016 - 19:15 PM

Paradox has recently announced the new story pack DLC for Stellaris, Leviathan, which is to accompany the upcoming release of the Heinlein 1.3 Patch! The announcement mentions three new details that would be included within the Leviathan DLC and these are Enclaves, Guardians and the War in Heaven feature!

Enclaves are societies that reside exclusively within ancient space stations and offer players their services for specific improvements, for a fee. Guardians, are as their name suggests, protectors of great and valuable treasures and technology and these guardians have to be defeated or investigated to gain access to that which they have been tasked to defend. Last but not least, War in Heaven is a scenario in which players have to pick their side in the situation where two Fallen Empires resume conflict with one another and it is up to the player whether they will choose to ally with a particular sice or to attack them both when they are weakened.

Compared to the previous free updates and patches, Leviathan will be the first in a serious of paid "story packs" for Stellaris and while the pricing has not been detailes, Paradox has confirmed that it would come out by this Autumn.

Included below is a list from the Paradox official forums on the list of changes that they will bring with them with the Heinlein 1.3 Patch and the Leviathan DLC, so as to not confuse gamers between what will be given as a free update and what will be only paid-exclusive features:

The Heinlein update has already been covered in several development diaries, but I still thought I should take the time to remind everyone of what it contains. Note that this is NOT an exhaustive list:
  • Awakened Fallen Empires
  • Fallen Empire quests, tasks and general improvements
  • Fleet Roles and new XL weapons
  • Weapon Balance rework
  • Federation Victory Condition
  • Strategic Resource Rework
  • Auto-Exploration
  • Rally Points
  • Expansion Planner
  • Habitability System Rework
  • Federation/Alliance Rework
  • Federation Association Status
  • Better control over sectors
  • 4 new portraits (NOT the 'cuties')
  • Major sound and graphics improvements
  • Space Creature rework, including new art and encounters
  • Loads of bug fixes, AI improvements and UI improvements
The Leviathans Story Pack, meanwhile, will contain the following. This IS an exhaustive list:
  • Guardians feature
  • Enclaves feature
  • War in Heaven feature
  • 5 new portraits ('cuties')
  • 20+ minutes of new music by Andreas Waldetoft
Source: Paradox

Are you looking forward to the Heinlein 1.3 Patch and the Leviathan DLC? How do you think this will affect the current gameplay? Do tell us your thoughts and opinion below!IPB Image