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Tiberium Wars January 2vs2 - 200$ Tournament Brackets & Streams
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ZH Pro Tour Series 2017 - Sponsored by Sir Best - 160 Prize fund - Quarter Finals
FireLorD's 1v1 Elimination Tournament: When the cat is away, the mice will play!
Special Feature

Operation Discord Launched!

Saturday, 14 Jan 2017
Greetings Commander!Tiberium has taken hold of our planet and the worst part is that there are new aliens here. They call it forgotten. When we first learned about it, there were many of us....

Gamereactor Golden Age Of Strategy Blog

Friday, 13 Jan 2017
The folks over at gamereactor.eu have recently released a blog, titled The Golden Age of Strategy is Now, which challenges the assumption that the strategy genre is dead and that to make such a...

Overwatch New PTR Patch

Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017
As per Blizzard's official forums, a new patch has been made available on the Public Test Region for Overwatch and it contains changes related to Sombra, Roadhog and Ana.The patch notes can be seen...

Origin On The House: Mass Effect 2

Saturday, 7 Jan 2017
With the latest news that Mass Effect Andromeda is slated to launch on March 21st 2017, Electronic Arts (EA) is offering gamers who use their Origin service Mass Effect 2 as part of their On The...

PCPowerPlay Phillip Boulle Interview

Saturday, 7 Jan 2017
The folks over at PCPowerplay recently conducted an interview with Dawn of War 3 game director Philippe Boulle for the current issue of their magazine and they have uploaded part of it online for...

Razer Project Valerie and Project Ariana

Thursday, 5 Jan 2017
Fresh out of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017 being currently held at Las Vegas, Nevada, Razer has announced Project Valerie and Project Ariana. The former is what they tout to be the...

Paradox Convention 2017

Thursday, 5 Jan 2017
Early in December, Paradox announced PDX Con 2017 which will be held between May 13 - May 14 at Gamla Riksarkivet at Riddarholmen, Stockholm, Sweden. This is the first year in which the PDX...

C&C:Online Discord Server

Tuesday, 3 Jan 2017
Greetings Commanders, Generals and Comrades! C&C:Online have set up a Discord server, with a channel for each of the supported games, so you can chat and send text messages your friends (and foes)...

Crytek Closes 5 Studios

Monday, 2 Jan 2017
News came towards the end of December that Crysis developer Crytek will be closing down five of its studios, leaving in operation only its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany and its studio in Kiev,...
Special Feature

Replay of the Year 2016 - Cast your vote!

Sunday, 1 Jan 2017
Greetings comrades, now it's the time to vote for the Replays of the Year!The vote has ended, we will announce our replays of the year in the next few days. In the meantime you can still download,...

PC Gamer Ranks C&C Games

Friday, 30 Dec 2016
Just recently the folks over at PC Gamer released a list of the worst-to-best Command & Conquer games, provided with justification on why each game deserves its stated ranking.Other than a small...

Louis Castle launches mobile RTS Rogue Assault

Friday, 30 Dec 2016
Former Westwood founder and one of the pioneers of the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genre, Louis Castle, has recently announced the release of his latest project, a mobile and free-to-play MMRTS titled...