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EA Play 2017 Announced!
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EA Play 2017 Announced!

Saturday, 25 Mar 2017
Ahead of E3 this coming June, EA has announced the details for their very own EA Play Convention.This year's EA Play convention, as mentioned in this blog post, will be held over at The Hollywood...

Questions and Answers

Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017
There has been some questions regarding whether Relic is really communicating with the community on the reasons they're doing the things that they do. There are usually negative comments everywhere...

Mandate Of Heaven announced!

Thursday, 16 Mar 2017
Mandate Of HeavenMandate Of Heaven, Paradox Interactive's latest DLC for Europa Universalis IV sets to be released on April 6th this year. EUIV has received a steady stream of updates since its...

DoW 3 Cinematic Storyboard

Thursday, 16 Mar 2017
While there may be criticism about the game for being different, the one part that no one has had anything negative to say about are the cinematics. The ones that have been shown so far have been...

Louis Castle to head Amazon Games Seattle

Sunday, 12 Mar 2017
Louis Castle, co-founder of Westwood Studios and pioneer of the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genre, made news a couple of years back with War Commander: Rogue Assault an RTS game for mobile. Now,...

Steel Division: Normandy 44 announced!

Friday, 10 Mar 2017
Hello Fellow Gamers,Paradox has announced a new additional to their World war 2 Gaming line up with the recent announcement of Steel Division: Normandy 44.This new game focus on in WW2 at the...
Special Feature

Battle For Middle Earth II Patch 1.09 Is Now Live

Thursday, 9 Mar 2017
Hi All, Patch 1.09 is finally here for download. It's been a long, long road, and I would first like to thank everyone who invested time into this monster sized patch. Almost 3 years of work,...

DOW 3 Release Date and Pre-Order Announcement

Monday, 6 Mar 2017
Relic has just sent an email to those on their mailing list announcing the release date for Dawn of War 3, the various editions of the game that will shipped out as well as pre-order bonuses.Dawn...

EA Stops RA2 VR Remake

Saturday, 4 Mar 2017
Earlier in November, we reported how a developer by the name of Adam Horvath was planning to bring Red Alert 2 into the Virtual Reality (VR) scene, with this as his proof of concept.It turns out...

Fog of War #3 - Necrons confirmed?

Thursday, 2 Mar 2017
A new video in the Fog of War series for Dawn of War 3 has been released. This time around art director Matt Kuzminski and lead environment artist Tristan Brett talk about the environment. A lot of...

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit announced!

Wednesday, 1 Mar 2017
It is time to get away from space and look at that small planet in space called 'Earth'. Apparently, Paradox decided to reveal all their treats this week. It is finally time to get a look and next...

Stellaris: Utopia release date and price has been announced!

Monday, 27 Feb 2017
Stellaris fans have speculated what could the potential Utopia release date and price be since the expansion had been announced a few months ago. Thankfully, Paradox has decided to be merciful to...