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Fallout 4 Game Of The Year Edition Announced

Fallout 4 Game Of The Year Edition Announced

Friday, 11 Aug 2017
Bethesda has announced that they are releasing the Game Of The Year edition of Fallout 4 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 26, 2017 for $59.99.The GOTY edition of the game will include all...

Bioware Montreal Merges with EA Motive

Monday, 7 Aug 2017
It has been recently reported that Bioware Montreal, the studio behind the recently released Mass Effect: Andromeda, would merge with EA Motive. It was noted in early May that Montreal would be...

Empires Apart is looking for beta testers

Friday, 4 Aug 2017
Do you fancy the Age of Empires series? Then there is good news for you! Empires Apart inspired by the Age of series and is to be released this fall. However they are looking for your input...

Skulls For The Skull Throne

Thursday, 20 Jul 2017
The July 20th patch is here and there also happens to be a Skulls For The Skull Throne promotion for all things Warhammer. To start off with Dawn of Wars latest patch, if you've been paying...

Strike Tactics Beta testers needed!

Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017
Strike Tactics is looking for beta testers! Strike Tactics is a new upcoming classic style RTS game. It provides quick and easy to learn, but hard to master gameplay and is already tons of fun! The...

Replay Reviewer Award Now Live

Monday, 10 Jul 2017
Hello GameReplays, today we are proud to announce a new award, Replay Reviewer! Those from the old days would recall we used to have Replay Reviewer Of the Month, that award is legacy and has been...

HOI4 - Guide to State Affairs - Political Section

Friday, 7 Jul 2017
Good afternoon Hearts of Iron gamer's and welcome to a Guide to State Affairs - Political Section!The following guide will take you though core area's of the top right bar in game which consists of...
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Happy Birthday C&C:Online!

Friday, 30 Jun 2017
Commanders, please say a big Happy Birthday to C&C:Online because we're three today!Please come and say hello and celebrate our birthday with us!Visit the C&C:Online Web Site(function(d, s, id) {...

Dawn of War Steam Sale

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017
Hear ye, hear ye, people of the Dawn of War universe; Space Marines, Forces of Chaos, Orks, Eldar and more! The steam summer sale is here once again and the Dawn of War franchise in featured...

Steam Summer Sale 75% Off!

Monday, 26 Jun 2017
Commanders and Comrades! Steam are offering, for a limited time, the Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3 and Tiberian Twilight titles at the knock down price of 2,49. The offer ends on July...

Annihilation Update!

Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017
The mode for all of you who hate Power Core because it's a 'MOBA mechanic' is finally here. Annihilation brings back the classic destroy everything that we've all become used to from previous...
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Dawn of War 3 Replay System Shows Elites and Doctrines

Monday, 19 Jun 2017
Greetings! The Dawn of War 3 Replay System will now show which Elites (and their levels) and Doctrines the players have used in a match! You can read more about how to use the Dawn of War 3 Replay...