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Meet the Battle for Middle-earth community!

Thursday, 5 May 2016
Dunedain has cooperated with other Battle for Middle-earth players to make a "BFME Photo Album 2016". In addition to a photo of every participating player, there are also comments from other...

There and back Again - Excalibur's Blog

Thursday, 24 Dec 2015
...there and back again...Now...where to begin...?Ah, yes...Middle-earth...Middle-earth...a magical world we had the chance to experience not only through the novels, but the top-notch movies as...

Why 2.02's Random is Revealed

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2015
Reasons why the random faction is shown in the loading screen in 2.02:Before going to the actual reasons, one thing that has to be mentioned about the culture of BfME2 and RotWK is that unlike in...

Fallen's Blog: C&C, A Reflection Of Our Political Climate

Tuesday, 16 Jun 2015
Looking back on my time as a six-year old in 2001 and watching my Dad play Tiberian Dawn, my imagination and intrigue was captured by the cool installation process (like how it was set up to...

Cheating, Spamming & Real Life

Sunday, 9 Mar 2014
I'm not much of a blogger, most blogs are too much about the author for my tastes but I don't know how else to present this so my apologies in advance if this is terribly uninteresting. First a...

For the Lulz: Flappy Kane!

Monday, 24 Feb 2014
Are you distraught at the lack of flappy bird on the app store? Still Addicted? Just want something new to try to pass the time at work? Well now we've got the perfect answer to your...

Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Vs. Rise of the Witch-king - Excalibur's Blog

Thursday, 28 Feb 2013
Seeing as players always argue about those two games with many opinions like they are completely different, I gathered as much as possible info I could from both sides and decided to write this...

Why The Generals Series is Exceptional.

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2012
The Generals series has always been very special to me, but not for some reasons which you may believe. I don't personally think it's the best game in the world, nor do I play it every day - in...

[World 16] Second GameReplays alliance opened

Saturday, 2 Jun 2012
Great news, Commanders!We are glad to announce that GameReplays founded a secondary alliance - GameReplays2.Thanks to a merge with our previous allies Reapers, we now have two alliance representing...

Rotwk Gaming Skill - Excalibur's Blog

Sunday, 27 May 2012
There are some things about RotWK that players will never come into agreement. Things like which strategies are most effective against certain match-ups and situations, which is the best faction,...