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A Synonym for Innovation II - Over 9000 XP

Friday, 16 Sep 2011
There is something weirdly satisfying in levelling your characters in games. It gives you a sense of ascending from noob to half-god, expressed in colored numbers and shining progression bars. It...

[S2]Nomes Blog: The Designer’s Folly

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011
Design is not linear; there is not a simple scale by which you can rate it, and it cannot be dichotomized into simple good and bad. Rather, the elusive perfect design rests in the valley of an...

[S2]Nomes Blog: Hero Development: Midas

Thursday, 8 Sep 2011
Although he’s being released this Friday, Midas was actually the first hero I designed and scripted at S2. Interestingly enough, he’s perhaps one of the least thematically different from his...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution First Impressions

Friday, 26 Aug 2011
Deus Ex: Human Revolution hit store shelves and online retailers across the U.S. yesterday, and will hit Europe on Friday. What is probably the last big game of the summer has been well received by...

A Synonym for Innovation I - Health Issues

Friday, 19 Aug 2011
Recently a new Duke Nukem game has been released and it was a let down for quite a few people. If it were only a bad game I would have been able to get over it. With parts scoured from the...

[S2]Nomes Blog: Hero Development: Druid #2

Wednesday, 17 Aug 2011
This is second in a series of pre-release development blogs for a hero in progress. In the previous edition, I commented on the initial design goals and challenges that were presented in designing...

[S2]Nomes Blog: Hero Development: Druid

Thursday, 11 Aug 2011
Typically I write my blogs after a hero is finalized, but this time I’ll try something new. Those of you who follow my Twitter may recall that I began work on a “Druid” character last week (August...

[S2]Nome's Blog - The Monkey King

Tuesday, 19 Jul 2011
This post is a mirror of my forum post regarding the same matter. I will most a more detailed breakdown of the development process, focusing on the transition of Harlequin to Monkey King, at a...

LoL: Balance, What a Wonderful Word

Saturday, 16 Jul 2011
Balance. Such a simple word that everyone loves to say without even understanding what it means. Be it their flaming rant of hated enemy hero or just plain ignorance of how things work in the...

[S2]Nome's Blog - The Next Generation MOBA #1

Monday, 11 Jul 2011
In this series, we’ll explore some of the problems that face the genre, and how it must evolve to remain fresh and relevant. Do not miscontrue any of this as an intended design direction for HoN;...