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[S2]Nome's Blog - Hero Development: Emerald Warden

Thursday, 30 Jun 2011
Emerald Warden development roughly began in earnest in early April. I scripted and solo-iterated him within a period of 3 days, and he selected to be added to the hero queue on April 18. Testing...

DreamHack Summer 2011

Friday, 24 Jun 2011
There are many great events and sites worldwide that handle gaming, e-sports and technology; E3, the Leipzig Games Convention, LANs worldwide and all the great sites like GameReplays, IGN and The...

[S2]Nome's Blog - What’s Wrong With Vector Targeting?

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011
Coming from a cognitive psychology background, with a significant portion of my time spent on attentional studies and spatial perception, it is extremely important for any hero designs that I am...

[S2]Nome's Blog - Article About Denying

Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011
[S2]Nome one of S2's game designers has released a great and informative article about denying. He is explaining how denying reflects the Heroes of Newerth game and what impact does the lack of the...

CO's Blog: Love for Guild Wars 2

Tuesday, 7 Jun 2011
As a gamer I am a true RTS fan. I played every command and conquer till the disk was grey, then bought it again and continued where I stopped. The name Starcraft alone can get me excited. Whichever...

[S2]Nome's Blog - Amun-Ra

Wednesday, 1 Jun 2011
Hero Spotlight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRUt9ldgfnkThought I’d get a head start this time around and not wait a month after the hero is released, since I still have a lot of the thoughts...

[S2]Nome's Blog - Nomad

Wednesday, 25 May 2011
Tonight my friends, I shall tell the tale of the Nomad. I should add that this particular blog entry is a lot more personal than the others, as I am trying the convey the stream of...

Will's Blog: SteelSeries Shift w/ StarCraft II KeySet Review

Monday, 2 May 2011
The SteelSeries Shift is all about one thing - customisability. Like the Zboard before it, the Shift can transform into a different keyboard to fit the game you're playing. This isn't just in...

Will's Blog: Magicka Review

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011
When PC gamers hear the phrase action RPG, one series immediately springs to mind: Diablo. The classic Blizzard titles re-energised the tired RPG market of the late nineties with their heavy...

[S2]Nome's Blog - The Nome Files

Friday, 8 Apr 2011
New series again! Will I ever write #2 of anything!? This one is the laziest, because it’s where I copy/paste RAW UNCENSORED INTERNAL DESIGN EMAILS. Only mine though. It wouldn’t be ethical to...