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Revyy's Dreamhack Experience

Tuesday, 30 Nov 2010
While writing this I am sitting on a really uncomfortable chair surrounded by empty soda cans and sweaty guys screaming Hallå!!!! (Hello translated to English.) In the background you hear the...

MoH – Media Operation: S.A.M.E. (Saturate And Market Everyone!)

Sunday, 24 Oct 2010
As you may or may not have read in our previous news rehash here, EA has decided to shift its position very last minute on the identification of the opposing faction in the upcoming Medal of Honor...

Interview- 5*General/TerranUp16:Starcraft 2, the RTS Universe & Everything

Thursday, 26 Aug 2010
GameReplays: In the larger ongoing meta narrative, the search to place and to understand StarCraft 2 within the RTS (Real-Time-Strategy) genre GameReplays own Averous reached out for the thoughts...

Tropico 3 - Now with a dash of Absolute Power!

Monday, 23 Aug 2010
Welcome to the sunny Caribbean Isles of Tropico El Presidente! You, the omnipotent dictator, are a creature of ambition destined to modernise Tropico and succeed where your predecessors have failed...

The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shall Not Turtle!

Sunday, 25 Jul 2010
Turtling has been a fundamental part of RTS gaming since its modern inception in the mid 90s (yes, back in the glory days when everybody watched Seinfeld and Green Day actually rocked). It's...

Gamers: Objective Zombies

Monday, 12 Jul 2010
A year ago, while setting up a skirmish game on Kane's Wrath, I realized gamers, while (lo and behold) gaming, are very much like mindless zombies beneath the almighty power that is their game's...

Tired of Cliche Stories? Here's your Fix!

Monday, 5 Jul 2010
Are you tired of game plots that rival the depth of children books? Does every story seem to end in disarming nuclear explosives with less than a second to spare?Despite the fancy graphics, unlock...

Bart's Blog #1: Ganking is the Future of HoN

Friday, 2 Jul 2010
I was hoping to start doing some blog or something where you guys give me an issue and I talk about it to the best of my abilities but here's just some generalities So here it goes:Well there's a...

Cheating in Gaming - Czone's Blog

Sunday, 27 Jun 2010
So, all the cool kids are doing it, here I go. A blog. Or something. In any case, this blog is going to be about the detestable act of cheating. So where do I start? Seeing as I need a good first...

BLOG: Don't look now, in case you violently kill someone.

Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010
It raises an interesting point really, when you consider that somehow video gamers have always been viewed as a sort of walking time-bomb, the Four Million Riders of the Apocalypse in-waiting....