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Don't Touch My PC! - RenegadeNukes' Blog

Thursday, 10 Jun 2010
It's no secret that a substantial number of PC gamers have felt extremely irritated with the current state of the industry. This irritation has on occasion turned into quite public debacles,...

Blog: Dark Hearts and Silver Linings

Thursday, 3 Jun 2010
Don't be fooled by the faux-emo title. This is pure, unadultered camp pomp and circumstance. There's a picture of Freddie Mercury later.June 17th, 2010 is going to be an exceptionally special day....

The Patcher's Perspective on 2.4 and 2.5

Sunday, 30 May 2010
It's been three months since my last blog, The Future of 2.02. In that blog, I promised to keep updating the 2.02 patch, but with the goal of keeping patches small and infrequent:...large updates...

Command & Conquer 4: maverick199's Blog

Saturday, 8 May 2010
In the beginning, there was an uneasy feeling about something special happening. This uneasiness turned into despair when a press release went on to describe in brief the details of the game. Many...

How Tenacity can Overcome Natural Talent

Wednesday, 5 May 2010
In this blog I want to talk about having a strong work ethic can overcome natural talent and how it has a positive affect within e-sports and how players can utilize their natural talent and skill....

Competition and Cheating - Kojaimea's Blog #3

Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010
The StarCraft community has been hit extremely hard in the past few days, with the news that the Korean pro gaming scene has been rife with cheating for numerous years. Details are still pretty...

AGM's Blog - A Response to TL Article on High Ground Advantage

Friday, 2 Apr 2010
StarCraft 2 definitely has some big shoes to fill, and at this point the fans of StarCraft know significantly more about the game than its creators. As such, veterans of StarCraft have begun using...

Conflict's StarCraft 2 Critique

Friday, 2 Apr 2010
First off let me just say that StarCraft 2 Beta is, in my opinion, the best RTS game I have played in years. This article however, is not for appreciative purposes; instead Im going to focus on...

Blog: Through Infinity Ward, and Beyond

Friday, 2 Apr 2010
Nearly five months have passed since the release of the world's best computer game if you go off select figures, that is. That's also the exact period of time which I have now gone without...

The StarCraft 2 Buzz - Kojaimea's Blog

Monday, 22 Mar 2010
It's tough to find a game on the internet that is being as widely covered as StarCraft 2. With so many sites doing their level best to give you their perspective on Blizzard's hotly anticipated...