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d.Apollo's Impressions and First Person Videos

Friday, 19 Mar 2010
The Beta has been out for about almost four weeks and I think now is a good time to voice my opinions on the gameplay, balance and StarCraft 2's future within our blooming industry of E-Sports....

4th Wave of StarCraft 2 Beta Keys and Your Chances - Mr.Scatacs' Blog

Sunday, 14 Mar 2010
Were you one of the lucky ones to get a StarCraft 2 beta key? Did you win a contest? More likely, you have figured out how to hack the game, or stolen one from a stranger. Regardless, the odds are,...

Camping 101: Terran Defensive Basics in StarCraft 2

Monday, 1 Mar 2010
With great fanfare Blizzard announced new SC2 features making each races' fighting forces more mobile, dynamic and unpredictable than in SC1. At the same time Blizzard didn't loudly promote how...

The Patcher's Perspective on the Future of 2.02

Sunday, 21 Feb 2010
Looking back, 2.02 has come a long way from its initial release in January 2008. The patch has grown in stages, with major updates in March 2008 (2.02a), January 2009 (2.02c), July 2009 (2.02e),...

Oh LAN Where Art Thou?

Thursday, 14 Jan 2010
In the context of Starcraft 2, whenever anyone so much as whispers the acronym LAN we hear immediate out cries of “Death to Blizzard!!!!”, “Burn them at the stake!” and “They’ve ruined Starcraft 2...

NB's Blog: Why DoW2 is not an "eSport"

Saturday, 9 Jan 2010
Greetings, fellow GameReplays community, and be warned! This is an opinion piece, and I like to think of myself as a very opinionated person. What that means in common terms is I'm angry, vocal,...

No More "Online Replays"

Monday, 7 Dec 2009
Before you all panic, I do not mean the ability to record replays online, read ahead and I shall explain. It was announced a month or so ago that the release candidate for StarCraft 2: Wings of...

The Patcher's Perspective on The Day and Staff

Thursday, 3 Dec 2009
Wow, December already. If that doesn't seem like a problem to you, it's probably because you don't have a patch to release in just one month. January second is fast approaching, and I have to...

Blizzard Are Experimenting With A New Protoss Macro Mechanic

Tuesday, 1 Dec 2009
A large point of conversation, and perhaps controversy, over the past years has been the introduction of macro mechanics in the Starcraft sequel. First we had the frankly poor attempt at a macro...

TDA's Blog: Competitive Gaming vs. Social Life

Sunday, 29 Nov 2009
Competition has always been what kept me in the game. I always tried to be among the best in what I did, be it sports, job or video games. School is a bit of an exception here but that's a...