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Features and Articles


Corona Mod — Open Beta

Saturday, 1 Jan 2022
Welcome back, Commander! We're happy to announce the following news:Red Alert 3 Corona ModRA3 Corona is in Open Beta Testing! This is a .zip launcher file with mod 3.14A. You can open it...
Special Feature

2v2 The Last Dance Tournament

Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021
Dear Friends,We are currently playing the last tournament of the year.Most of the games are reviewed by our Replay Reviewer in the replays section so do not hesitate to check it out.Feel free to...

Spotlight with ValsaDoom

Friday, 5 Nov 2021
1. GameReplays : Hello, Thanks for doing this month's Spotlight. Tell us a little bit about yourself.I'm from Québec, the french part of Canada, and my name is nobody, why I give this answer? I...

Spotlight with Darknight

Wednesday, 13 Oct 2021
Today, GameReplays.Org brings to you another edition of our Spotlight interview series with the players of Battle For Middle Earth (BFME). the guest for today's segment is Darknight1. GameReplays...
Special Feature

GFX Competition Details, £25 up for grabs!

Thursday, 3 Jun 2021
Art & Design competition.Throughout June we are very pleased to announce we will be having a "computer games themed" graphics and art competition for anyone on the site to enter.The idea is simple,...

Spotlight with Project Leader of Patch 1.09 LATINO

Friday, 14 May 2021
GameReplays.Org (CENTAUER) is proud to present a new edition of our Spotlight interview series and this time about the trending Battle For Middle Earth 1 topic of last years, 1.09 patch. In this...

First Quarter 2021 Recap

Saturday, 10 Apr 2021
Greetings community! It has been an interesting first quarter and here's a little recap of the events red3.org hosted. Besides the events, we've listed Sybert's interview and RaGe's 8th anniversary...

GameReplays Interviews: Sybert

Saturday, 27 Feb 2021
Greetings Commander! GameReplays Administrator Edvin, on behalf of GameReplays, has had the chance to speak a few words with undoubtedly one of the most successful C&C Caster ever & a former...

Player Spotlight: HappyWins

Tuesday, 29 Sep 2020
Welcome back comrades! If you have been following the C&C Red Alert 3 competitive scene closely, then surely you have heard about the player and streamer HappyWins, who is the winner of the most...

Player Spotlight: AKAbolony

Monday, 31 Aug 2020
Greetings Generals! GameReplays Editor Claymore, on behalf of GameReplays, has had the chance to speak a few words with fellow ZH staff member and donor for numerous ZH events AKAbolony and brings...