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Halo Wars 2 Complete Edition

By FallenXE - 1st October 2017 - 04:33 AM

Microsoft has recently announced the Halo Wars 2: Complete Edition!

Available on the Windows Store at $60, this compilation contains the original campaign with the 12 missions, the additional two missions from the Operation Spearbreaker DLC, all 12 multiplayer leaders as well as the Awakening The Nightmare expansion pack.

Considering that Halo Wars 2 is at $40, the Season Pass currently retailing at $30, Operation Spearbreaker going at $7 and that the Awakening the Nightmare is priced $20 as a standalone download, it seems prudent to go for the Complete Edition. In fact, Halo Wars 2 is only available on the Window Store as part of the Complete Edition bundle. Of course, those who would like to get just the base game itself can still go for the physical edition on the PC and the Xbox One.

No news so far as to whether the Complete Edition will see a physical release but seeing how the game received a very limited physical release for the PC as it is, we doubt we'd see this compilation coming to the PC platform.