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RTS Builder

By FallenXE - 16th October 2017 - 03:21 AM

British indie developer Alien Invader Studio has gone about to develop a tool kit named RTS Builder, which as the name suggests, enable gamers to develop their very own Real-Time Strategy game with customisation up to their own choosing. The application itself is pretty simple so as of now gamers can only develop sprite-based RTS games reminiscent of those developed in the early-to-middle 90s.

That said, you are able to load your own audio file files to be used as the sound effects for your unit animations, as well as for the ambience and for your very own in-game soundtrack. Users will also be able to customise their units, buildings and mission types as can be seen in the video below:

With the RPG scene having been boosted by tools such as RPG Maker, it is about time that the RTS genre saw the introduction of a similar software that would enable fans of the genre to self-develop their own strategy games from scratch.

For those who are interested in downloading the tool, you can check out the Dropbox link over here. And for those who'd like to check out the developer, you can head over to their Facebook page.

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