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Forged Battalion by Petroglyph

By FallenXE - 18th October 2017 - 18:31 PM

Developer Petroglyph Games, which I am sure is a name that most of us in the RTS scene are familiar with, has partnered up with Team 17, which are known for their Worms series, and who are also publishers, for a new Real Time Strategy (RTS) game titled Forged Battalion.

The game is the third RTS franchise developed by Petroglyph in the span of three years, with 2015's Grey Goo and 2016's 8-Bit series coming to mind.

The premise of the game is relatively simple, global climate change has wrecked and devastated the world and a faction called "The Collective" has risen. It would be up to the player, as part of the resistance, to challenge and beat back the spread of The Collective.

The main selling point of the game however, is that your player faction is not something that is cast in stone but is actually customisable from top to bottom:

Manage, customize, and develop the blueprints of your emerging faction to create ever-evolving factories and units. Using resources gained in battle, you’ll unlock new options through the metagame tech tree allowing you to choose the archetype, armor, locomotor, weapons, and special abilities such as stealth and regeneration that will make your faction one of a kind. As more technology is unlocked, your designs become more advanced and ultimately, you will have access to the most powerful options, including an array of deadly superweapons to launch against your foes.Source: Team 17

You can check out this PCGamer article to read more of the game in its Pre-Alpha stage and also a point to note is that the game would be launching on Steam's Early Access some time in 2018 so as to develop and respond to the community's feedback in real time.

One interesting thing from the article is that it states: The battle economy focuses on harvester units, which run loops between resource nodes and foundry buildings. You’ll want to build foundries near resources so harvesters can make faster loops, and you’ll need power plants to keep everything running, but building management never goes far beyond those basic points.

Therefore we could be looking forward to gameplay akin to a style closer to Command & Conquer: Generals as compared to Red Alert 2 as nodes are stated instead of resource fields.

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As of now, Steam Workshop, online multiplayer for up to 8 players and a single player campaign is on the cards for the game as mentioned by the developers. Personally for me, the idea of having a customisable army, and being able to switch it up between matches with other players seems an interesting prospect and means that players would have top adapt their strategies and methods with each and every match they play.

For those who are interested, do checkout Forged Battalion's Early Access page as well as Team 17's page on the game. We look forward to hearing more about Forged Battalion and its prospects next year!

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