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Halo Wars 2 to Receive Cross-Play

By FallenXE - 27th October 2017 - 14:20 PM

A week ago the folks over at 343 Industries released a blog titled Odds & Ends that detailed a full list of updates regarding the Halo Universe ranging from the E-Sports scene to the Master Chief Collection. However, of interest to us is the significant portion dedicated in the blog to Halo Wars 2.

First up, the game will now support 4k resolution and High-Dynamic Range (HDR) for the Xbox One X with support for the former two already existing for the game on the Windows 10 PC and the Xbox One S.

Next, Xbox Arena support for Xbox Live has been launched for Halo Wars 2 and thus will let players organize and conduct their own online tournaments in Halo Wars 2.

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Last but most importantly, and this ties in with the previous point on the Xbox Arena as said tournaments can be organised and created on Windows 10 PCs by the Xbox Live Club in the Xbox App on the computer, 343 are pushing out cross-platform online support for Halo Wars 2. As stated by them, the fact that it was a Xbox Play Anywhere title meant that gamers could play their copy of the game on both the PC and their Xbox platform.

However, this understandably would not have been an incentive for gamers with only PCs or with a PlayStation console to pick up the game if they were interested in the online portion of the gameplay. Being an Xbox franchise meant that the bulk of the player base for the game would no doubt be portioned in the Xbox ecosystem. With this cross-play update, existing PC gamers will be able to play with their Xbox peers and those RTS gamers who are interested in the game but worry of low player counts on the PC online scene would have their fears put at ease.

Will this get you to go back to playing Halo Wars 2 or being the decider in making your purcahse it? Do tell us your thoughts below!

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