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Rome II - Empire Divided DLC

By FallenXE - 9th November 2017 - 17:23 PM

Developer Creative Assembly has been busy with Total War: Warhammer and Warhammer II in the past few years, with their assistance also being rendered to Halo Wars 2 as of late but that does not mean that they had forgotten about their historical game fans.

With Total War: Attila being the last historical game they released in 2015 and with the last DLC (so far) for it having been the Slavic Nations faction packed released in early 2016, it is thus surprising to see CA revisiting a slightly older game for their next content update, and that being Rome II.

Titled "Empire Divided", it jumps players forward in time following the Wrath of Sparta update that allowed gamers to relive the Peleponesian War of the 4th Century BC. Empire Divided puts the focus on the Crisis of the Third Century, where invasion from Barbarians, economic collapse, disease and plague as well as atrocious leadership led to the near ruin of the Roman Empire.

The crisis would also bring about the reforms of the Emperors Diocletian, Constantine and Theodosius which would spell the fall of the Western half of the Empire. It also meant the resurgence and survival of the Eastern half (colloquially known as the Byzantine Empire) under the leadership of many successful Emperors such as Justinian, Heraclius, Basil II and Alexios Komenos.

Empire Divided will also be coupled with the free patch 2.8 which includes the new Power & Politics update. The full breadth of content delivered in both the expansion and patch can be read in this FAQ by Creative Assembly.

The expansion will be released on 30th November and there is currently a discount for pre-orders on the DLC on Steam, the full suggested retail price being $17.00 (may differ according to region).

What are your thoughts on this expansion? Would you have preferred for them to make content for Attila instead? What historical eras would you like CA to (re)visit? Do tell us your thoughts and comments below!

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