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RTS Game Zero-K Free on Steam

By FallenXE - 1st May 2018 - 15:51 PM

Those who are paying attention to the Real-Time Strategy scene might have heard of Zero-K, an RTS game made with the open-source Spring Engine that is made to emulate the experience of Total Annihilation. It has now been released on Steam and has remained free-to-play.

Check out the release trailer below!

The game already has an active and vibrant competitive multiplayer scene and thus those RTS players who seek to duel it out against other players in a new strategy game would find Zero-K an excellent platform for such a thing. For those more interested in single-player, Zero-K includes a Horde mode, skirmish as well as a large campaign for players to indulge in!

Do check the game out on Steam if you are interested in playing it and for those more generous, the page offers players to donate and support the developers via the DLC tab. There are three tiers of donations; Bronze at $10, Silver at $25 and Gold at $50. The actual price you pay might differ though, based on your local currency.

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