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ECL Age of Empires II Tournament

By FallenXE - 21st May 2018 - 18:04 PM

EscapeAOE recently announced their Escape Champions League tournament for Age of Empires II and this is sponsored by Microsoft with a total prize pool of USD $60,000.

For teams that are interested, registration opens between Sunday, 20th May 2018 to Friday, 1st June 2018.

Up to 32 teams can attempt to qualify for the tournament and this will take place between Monday, June 4th and Sunday, June 17th.

Once qualification has been completed and the top 8 teams are determined, teams will go through 7 different themed stages that will take place between July 2018 to June 2019. The top 2 teams from the league stage will then be flown-in for a two-day offline event that will take place in Summer 2019.

For those keen on watching the tournament, there will be livestream coverage on their official Twitch channel on Saturdays throughout the duration of the tournament and the streaming schedule can be also be found at the following link.

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