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Sony to make a PlayStation Classic?

By FallenXE - 31st May 2018 - 23:42 PM

As per an interview with Mantan Web, via Forbes, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera mentioned how there is talk on a possible PlayStation Classic console being developed and launched.

The original PlayStation that was released in 1994 and was a worldwide hit. There have been discussions (within the company) about what kind of ways to make a classic console release happen. While there is nothing we can talk about at the moment, we are constantly digging up old assets and I think there are various ways of doing it (a classic console).Source: John Kodera via Forbes

This comes off similar "classic" or classic-inspired console launches in the industry including, but not limited to, the NES Classic and SNES Classic by Nintendo, the Atari VCS Console and the Mini Sega Genesis. The latter though, has only been announced for the Japanese market for now.

The issue with Sony developing a classic version of their PlayStation 1 console however, as many people have mentioned, is that it is a tacit acknowledgement on their part that there is a market for older PlayStation games, which causes people to wonder why Sony did not include backward compatibility in the PlayStation 4 to begin with. Of course the corporate response was that Sony did the numbers and deduced that it was not worth the development cost to include it in.

With this new interview, that mode of thinking by Sony could seemingly be revised if the wave of nostalgia that is hitting the gaming industry, from consoles to remaster of games, continue to pick up steam as it would be too big to be ignored.

Would you buy a PlayStation Classic, or would you rather all future PlayStation consoles include backward compatibility for past games? Do tell us your thoughts below!

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