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Facebook Launches Gaming App

By FallenXE - 22nd April 2020 - 06:41 AM

Facebook has launched its long-rumoured gaming application for the Andoid mobile platform which was originally planned to be released in June! As the New York Times exclusively reports, the app will also find its way to the iOS once Apple gives its approval. The app aims to allows Facebook to challenge the current giants of streaming, namely Twitch and YouTube.

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via Facebook

The app is free and its main selling point is taking advantage of the social networking that individuals already have through their Facebook accounts. Those who wish to use the app to stream their games can check out this link by Facebook in which they offer a step-by-step into setting up your profile as a streamer, as well as to install and use the three streaming software that they've partnered with for Facebook Gaming - Streamlabs, OBS and XSPLIT.

With regards to monetisation, as CNBC reports:

For now, Facebook isn’t including ads in the app and monetization is pretty limited. It does however let people earn money with so-called “stars” which let fans make one-time payments. The company says it will explore more monetization options over time.Source: CNBC

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via Facebook

And for the interface of the application, as WIRED reports, upon initially launching the app it will ask you to choose a couple of your favourite games and recommend some streamers for you to start following. The app also has three additional tabs - one for a news feed, one to discover livestreams and the third for messages.

It remains to be seen if the launch of Facebook Gaming will enable the company to propel itself above the traditional hegemons of the streaming scene but this is definitely something worth watching in the near future!

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