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Supreme Commander 2 Trailer Released

By The Red Comet - 3rd June 2009 - 21:25 PM

While Supreme Commander 2 may have been announced last November, the people over at Gas Powered Games would like to remind us that they are still working, as they have released a brand new trailer. While it does not reveal anything about the mechanics of the gameplay it does tell us that the UEF, Cybran, and Aeon are again at intergalactic war. No big surprise there. However, the trailer heavily alludes to the secrets of all three factions.

Gas Power Games was acquired by Square Enix last November. It appears that Square Enix is attempting to touch upon the RTS/RTT market with games like Supreme Commander 2 and Order of War, part of their ongoing agenda to penetrate the western game market in general. This is somewhat of a departure from their usual making of eastern RPG titles such as Final Fantasy.

“We see great opportunities in European and North American markets, both of which are expected to be maintaining sustainable growth over these coming years,” president of Square Enix, Ltd. Yoichi Wada said.

Keep checking GameReplays for more news on the upcoming Supreme Commander sequel!