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GameReplays launches FluidPlay - its first Game Studio

By Darky - 21st January 2010 - 16:45 PM

GameReplays is proud to announce it is branching out into game development via a new company FluidPlay Studios. Fluidplay is a British company which has a development studio in Brazil run by our best known game designer Maddox (aka Boss Generals fame).

FluidPlay will be making 3D casual games for the PC as well as iPhones/iTouch (and other platforms like Android in the future) - however games with a difference - we want them to be easy to pick up, and to have more strategic depth than 'normal' casual games, and of course the ability to create a community around them.

They will of course not be casual to master...

In order to find all the latest information, including details of the first game 'Torment', please find FluidPlay Studios on Facebook:
FluidPlay Studios page on Facebook

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...and if you are excited by GameReplays' first official venture into development then please become a fan to be kept up to date. There will be a number of 'fan giveaways' when we are closer to the release of the first game (April 2010).

Importantly the GameReplays staff and selected fans will be alpha and beta testing the games we produce so you can be assured that all games made by FluidPlay will of the highest quality as they will have been tested by the best.

The first game is scheduled to release in April 2010.

Please use this master topic in Site News for discussion

Thank you! Your support is much appreciated.

Chris "Darky" Dark
CEO GameReplays.org