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Massive Steam Sales Hitting RTS Titles, StarCraft 2 Half Off

By ForAiur - 25th November 2011 - 19:56 PM

The holidays are in full tilt now, and nothing is better evidence than the inevitable frenzy of sales that accompany them. Of particular note to us gamers is the massive Christmas sale warm-up that several game companies, including game developer and publisher Valve, are having right now. Valve's digital content delivery system, Steam, is having several days of great sales. Blizzard Entertainment has also joined the fray with its blockbuster sequel to StarCraft being heavily discounted.

In fact, many games supported by GameReplays.org are highly discounted. Here are some of the great titles that GameReplays.org supports:Those games will all be discounted through the 28th of the month. Besides those, from November 23rd to November 27th, Steam is having some great daily deals. A couple of days of sales have already gone by, but another day has just begun. Today's highlights include the highly anticipated third installment of Deus Ex, with Deus Ex: Human Revolution for half off, at just $24.99; Relic Entertainment's first FPS, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, for a third off, at $33.49; and zombie thriller/killer Dead Island is just begging to be bought at a mere $19.99.

These are, of course, just a few of great deals available right now; accompanying these deals are catalogue wide deals. If you have Steam, pop on and peruse the titles. If you don't have Steam, you can still view the sales online.

Make sure to protect your wallet from the onslaught, and have fun! See you on the battlefield.

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