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Be Wary of Fake Emails - Do Not Give Out Information

By AgmLauncher - 1st June 2012 - 13:14 PM

Due to the ealier security breach on GameReplays, emails were posted on the web and some users have been receiving phishing emails asking to divulge personal information.

Below is an example of a FAKE EMAIL, and if you receive anything asking to give you any information what-so-ever, please just delete it.

As of May 28th, the GameReplays member database was breached, and
approximately 5000 emails and encrypted passwords were leaked.

1. On the 27th we got an email, in Spanish, alerting me of a vulnerability.
2. The email claims that he is simply giving us a friendly tip and
means no harm.
3. The email divulges absolutely no details that would actually help
us determine where the vulnerability is, or how to exploit it for
ourselves in order to protect against it.
4. This person wants credit for "helping" us.
5. On the 28th, he goes and releases personal information from GR's
database on the web.
6. On the 29th (today), he does it again, still no useful information
that would actually help us fix this vulnerability.

so because of this we are asking users to update their detail by
replying to this mail to enable us verify whether their account was
among those that were breached.
please reply this mail with the following details

1) your id

2) email address

3) password

4) credit card details with cvv and expiration date

we will be attending to your question through this gmail
address(hwsmith007@gmail.com) till our compromised system is up and

the earlier you do this the faster we will update your information.


howard Jon LeMaitre


you can read about the attack here

Privacy Policy for GameReplays.org Limited

GameReplays.org is committed to protecting your privacy when you use
our on-line services ("Services"). In this policy we explain how and
why we collect your information, what we do with it and what controls
you have over our use of it.

From time to time we add or change functions, features or products to
our Web Sites or add or change Services. This, and our commitment to
protecting the privacy of your personal information, may result in
periodic changes to this Privacy Policy. As a result, please remember
to refer back to this Privacy Policy regularly to review any

What data do we collect and how do we use it?

GameReplays.org collects and processes information about you in order to:
(i) identify you each time you visit a Web Site or wish to have a
Service provided;
(ii) process orders or applications submitted by you;
(iii) improve our Services and Web Sites
(iv) Customise your experience, for example, provide advertisements
that we think are relevant to you and which support any specific
requests for information you may make through keyword searches;
(v) carry out research on the demographics, interests and behaviour of
all of our customers; and
(vi) send you information we think you may find useful, including
information about new GameReplays.org products and services.

You may be asked, either when you register with us, or at other times,
for information about yourself, such as your name, e-mail address,
postal address and telephone number. You may also be asked to share
with us your interests, hobbies and preferences. In addition, when you
order certain goods or services from our Web Sites, we will need to
know your credit/payment card number and expiration date.

We will be sending out actual emails, but they will not contain any requests to share personal information, merely instructions on how to protect your credentials. As always, we do recommend that you change your passwords if you have not already done so, especially on any important financial or social sites if you use the same password.