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GameReplays Is Recruiting Writers!

By Ninjabutter - 29th March 2013 - 07:49 AM

Ever had an interest in the exciting field of gaming journalism? Or, more likely, want to be able to include a stint as a "video game industry journalist" on your resume? Then you're in luck, because we just fired most of our writers and are in search of new ones! Hooray!

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But what does a GameReplays Writer do, anyway?

Our site's writing staff consist of a number of Writers, Editors, and other associated staff whose sole mission in life is to collect news through first-hand press releases (which are collected and processed by our Newsroom), RSS feeds, and other, more nefarious sources, ultimately to verify its integrity and turn it into a piece of front-page news here on GameReplays. Writers specifically are primarily in charge of the actual writing of articles and other content. The better you are at finding news, the easier your job will be, but that's frankly secondary to being able to take a raw press release and turn it into a consumer-grade news article.

While other writing positions do exist on GameReplays, the Writer badge is the entry-level position from which new staff members demonstrate their capabilities for increased levels of responsibility and site authority.

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I'm selfish and lazy. What's actually in it for me?

For one thing, you get that sexy purple Writer badge. Seriously, I swoon just looking at the thing.

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While the position (as with nearly all of our staff positions) is voluntary and unpaid, it does come with some basic benefits beyond the sexy badge.
  1. First-hand access to press releases, including a wide variety of game industry news through trade-only sources which are unavailable to the public. These press releases include new game announcements, release date updates for original games and expansions, open beta advertisements, tournament announcements, developer interviews, game industry conferences and their topic schedules, charity events, new screenshots and trailers from pre-release games, important patches or updates for existing games, and much more!
  2. Legitimate journalistic experience for anyone with an interest in the field, as either a hobby or a career, with a reputable gaming site. You'll work with a team of like-minded individuals with common goals, improve your writing and English skills, learn about the do's-and-don'ts of commercial journalism, and build a portfolio of published work to show to prospective future employers. Depending on the importance and profile of your articles, your work could be viewed by anywhere from a few hundred people to several thousand (I've personally had eSports articles with over 12,000 unique views). Your work on GameReplays will be read.
  3. The opportunity to establish contacts within the gaming industry through interviews, game reviews, coordination with other websites, and other such instances. How much you reap from this experience is limited only by your ambition.
  4. Access to the staff forums for all game portals, as well as the general site staff areas. Through the staff forums, you'll have advance knowledge of any on-site events about to take place, such as tournaments, site layout improvements, and policy changes. As a staff member, you'll also have the opportunity to voice your own opinion on staff-related matters, or raise issues which seem to be going unnoticed by the site administrators.
  5. Advancement opportunities within the GameReplays staff; ambitious and talented Writers can easily move on to more senior positions, primarily Editors but also with the option to "cross-advance" into other fields such as forum moderation, graphics work, site coding, and a myriad other areas. Those who show the aptitude may be offered administrative positions, and eventually even become global administrators / directors (the highest-ranking staff on the site). Before you scoff at the notion of joining site staff as a Writer and eventually becoming a global administrator, note that I'm one of those global admins and was originally hired as a Writer in 2007.
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How does one apply for such a position? What skills should I have to be considered? I'm hungry, will you make me a sandwich?

I'm more than happy to consider an applicant provided you at least possess the following:
  • Solid English skills. It doesn't have to be your first language, and Editors exist for a reason, but if you aren't conversational in English, you will have a very difficult time as a Writer here on GameReplays. This includes not just the actual words, but also knowledge of the correct usage of scary things like punctuation and capital letters.
  • Equally solid typing skills. If you can't produce a paragraph-length post without twelve typos and an accidental page-break, life as a Writer will not be easy.
  • At least a few weeks experience being here on GameReplays. It's hard to write for a community you don't know or understand, and nearly everyone we hire with fewer than two weeks of experience or ~50 posts ends up losing their position fairly quickly.
  • A sense of accountability. Remember that everything you produce has your name on it, and reflects on both you personally and the site as a whole.
  • The ability to take constructive feedback and criticism, and the willingness to implement what you're shown.
  • A couple hours of free time each week to devote to finding news or writing articles.
  • An acute knowledge of the difference between the following sets of words:
They're, there, and their
It's and its
Affect and effect
Site, cite, and sight
Lose and loose

You may laugh, but if I had a dollar for each time I had to correct one of those in someone else's work, I'd be able to pay for the site's server costs for the next several years.

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Rousseau, in this case, stands a markedly better chance of being selected as a GameReplays Writer.

An ideal candidate for a Writer position here on GameReplays would also have the following optional skills:
  • Basic image editing skills in a program such as Photoshop, Paint.NET, GIMP, or even MS Paint.
  • Strong familiarity with BBcode for article structure.
  • Basic understanding of SEO and RSS feeds.
  • Some experience in professional or academic writing; not necessarily university-level, but at least high enough to understand the basic principles of formatting, prose, layout, and the eternal scourge of source citation and plagiarism.
Ultimately, remember that these are rough guidelines. I'm not going to instantly reject an application because the individual accidentally spelled "sample" with a 3.

If you'd like to apply, simply send me a personal message right here on the site with a brief overview of why you feel you'd make a quality Writer and we'll take it from there. Do not reply to this article with an application. There is no guarantee I will actually see that. And no, you can make your own sandwich.