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New Replay System Features!

By DJ_Chill - 19th April 2013 - 23:24 PM

Today, GameReplays.org is announcing a new feature for the replay system of every game. Guests may now upload their replays to any game's replay system. These replays are not visible to regular members via the replay index but can be shared directly via the URL of the particular replay. This means that you can share replays with your friends without being logged in, but the replay will not be visible to any other members, unless they have the specific link. The replays will appear as pictured below:

What's more is that guests can choose to either associate an email to receive an email reminder about their replay or not to. If you do link an email (which we do not store directly) when you register with that email address your replays are automatically linked to your new account. Handy eh?!

We hope you enjoy these new features here on GameReplays. So go on! Tell you're friends! (And while you're at it, give them your replay link!)