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New C&C:Online Guide Released

By ToxicShock - 9th March 2015 - 17:54 PM

Greetings, Generals, Commanders and Comrades. We've released a new guide to getting online on C&C:Online for all of the supported Command & Conquer games (Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3). The guide was designed by gamereplays.org and Revora staff member, s2nz0, with contributions from many of the gamereplays.org and C&C:Online staff.

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C&C:Online User Guide

The guide is designed to be as user friendly and easy to follow as possible. We'll be making the guide available in all of the applicable game sections on the site. If you're not online already, take a look at the guide and you'll be online in a jiffy.