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Technique Wins the Grey Goo $75,000 Tournament

By phantom9399 - 4th February 2016 - 13:38 PM

Good evening everybody. We present you with a quick summary of the event that unfolded at PAX South during the weekend.

Recently GreyBox, the creators of the latest RTS game Grey Goo, hosted a massive $75,000 tournament. The finals of this tournament was hosted at PAX South with two of Kane's Wrath top players, Bike+rush=Ownz and Technique (Alias DallasBuyersClub) making it to the top 16 players. Both Bike and Technique worked hard to get to PAX South, they played Grey Goo non-stop for several months to make it into this event.

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This past weekend, both of our KW stars had to fight against the top Grey Goo players in the world to try and make it to the Grand Final. Sadly Bike+rush=Ownz got eliminated in the Round of 8, so we could not see the exciting clash between him and Technique.

Technique, however, dominated the event with only minimal losses. He eventually made it into the Grand Final were he had to face off against JDANZI. The first game saw Technique choosing the Human faction while Joanzi chose the Goo faction. Technique discovered that JDANZI had built too many Mothers (MCV Style Units), so he took the advantage and claimed the victory in game number 1 by going for a 3 refinery rush. Game #2 saw both players staying with the factions they picked in the first game. However in this game Technique decided to go for the Human's epic unit, the Alpha, and this was the first time during this event that Technique had built this colossal unit. Using his Alpha along side a teleporter he managed to stop JDANZI's Purgers from being built which allowed him to take game number 2 of this series as well as the $10,000 1st place prize.

If you want to skip to the main highlights of the stream just use the information provided below.

Shroud Update Details: 4 Hours 05 Minutes
Grand Finals Game 1: 5 Hours 42 Minutes 30 Seconds
Grand Finals Game 2: 6 Hours
Award Ceremony and interview with Technique: 6 Hours 23 Minutes

Watch live video from greygoogame on www.twitch.tv

Congratulations to Technique for taking first place in the Grey Goo Championships and to Bike+rush=Ownz for his valiant efforts as well.

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