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EA Stops RA2 VR Remake

By FallenXE - 4th March 2017 - 17:18 PM

Earlier in November, we reported how a developer by the name of Adam Horvath was planning to bring Red Alert 2 into the Virtual Reality (VR) scene, with this as his proof of concept.

It turns out however that that same month, the folks over at Electronic Arts had officially stepped in and prevented further development of the game, regardless if it was for-profit or not. As noted in this excerpt from the Unreal Engine forum:

Dear Adam,

Thank you for your interest in Electronic Arts Inc. EA appreciates the passion that players like you have for our games, and we’re always excited to see the creativity that comes from our community. While we appreciate your enthusiasm for our Command & Conquer: Red Alert games, we are unable to authorize your request to distribute a remake VR version of our Red Alert 2 game, regardless of whether it is commercial. We greatly respect our fans and hope this response does not diminish your interest in our games.

Kind regards,
EA Permission Requests Team
Source: unrealengine.com

If you recall, the original team at Totem Arts negotiated a deal with EA in the now distant past that development for Renegade X would be allowed to continue provided that the latter would not be monetized or made for profit. It seems however, that EA has decided to take a more strict stance with regards to this potenital VR remake for Red Alert 2.

Nonetheless, Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games on VR sounds like an exciting proposition and one that is surely to be explored greatly and in-depth in the near-future. Would you want to see a Command & Conquer (C&C) game on VR in the future? Do tell us your thoughts below!