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Fan finds StarCraft Source Code

By FallenXE - 7th May 2017 - 16:00 PM

An interesting piece of news for those interested in StarCraft history. The game's master source code that was used by Blizzard to develop the game all the way back in 1998 has recently been found by a Redditor called Khemist49 as can be seen in this thread.

The user had purchased a bunch of Blizzard items off eBay which seems to have been from an abandoned storage unit. As can be seen in the thread, Khemist49 went through a bit of soul-searching after being suggested by fellow Redditors to do multiple things with the disc, such as sharing the contents of it with the online community and contacting video game archivists so as to ensure the contents of the disc is not lost.

In the end, after being contacted by Blizzard's legal team and after consulting with his own lawyer, Khemist decided to return the source code disc to Blizzard. That in turn led to Blizzard rewarding him with an all-expenses paid trip to Blizzcon 2017 and interaction with the staff. In addition to that, Blizzard also gave to him a copy of Overwatch and $250 of credit for the Blizzard store plus the following items that can be seen below:

IPB Image

It turns out that StarCraft's Gold Master Source Code, which is what was obtained by Khemist, had been lost by Blizzard in the past and thus it forms an integral part of the game's creation and history along with potentially containing project files that Blizzard naturally still does not want to be disclosed to the public.

Hence it can be summed up that the large amount of thanks that Khemist received was, in addition to a nice public relations boost, also a show of thanks on the part of the company for something that was very valuable to them. All in all a nice ending for a situation that managed to avoid the cliched legal disputes and back and forths that we are more accustomed to hearing.