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New CNCreplays skin finished

Friday, 25 Mar 2005
I've finished making the CNCreps skin, it's based on the CNCreplays Portal colours.I'll make the old CNCreplays skin soon, so you have the beloved grey one!As always, please post issues with the...

Guests must now login to download files

Wednesday, 23 Mar 2005
Guests must now register and create an account to download files. Hopefully this will alleviate some stress on the server. If you've notice we've also disabled the online list and members browsing...

Battle for Middle Earth Skin Finished

Wednesday, 23 Mar 2005
The BfME skin from BfME.org forums has arrived on these forums after many hours of converting (why do IPB make it so fiddly going from 1.3 to 2.03!)You can select it at the bottom left of the...

CNCreplays is Archived

Saturday, 19 Mar 2005
We have finished acrhiving the original CNCreplays.com site portal and forums.LINK TO ARCHIVED CNCREPLAYS FORUMSYou can't post there but you can still download replays, read strats and discussion.

Check Out The New Portals For Each Game

Friday, 18 Mar 2005
The links for the other game portals now work. They are at the top of this page on tabs and on the left hand side. The portals are not yet finished but are being added to all the time.Make sure...

Welcome to GameReplays.Org!

Wednesday, 16 Mar 2005
Welcome to our new site. We're working very hard to bring you the best gaming site around.Click the 'Forums' link to your left and register on our boards to get posting. Pardon our dust, we're...