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Strategy Guide

The Science of Shields in Supreme Commander 2

Saturday, 28 May 2011
Shields in Supreme Commander 2 come in various shapes and sizes from the massive Aegis experimental shield to the tiny Adapter mobile shield. Each faction has it's own shield properties. This...
Hero Guide

BFME2 Hero Countering Guide [1.09v3.0 update]

Saturday, 23 Jul 2022
Do pesky heroes get you down? Do you have trouble killing them while they wreak havoc on your forces? If so, this guide will provide some general solutions. The first step to defeating a hero is...
Strategy Guide

How to Counter: Galio

Saturday, 17 Dec 2011
Champion selection is a crucial factor in ranked games, whether solo/duo queue or premade 5v5. It not only provides a chance to synergize your team's champions and counterpick the opposing team,...
Hero Guide

Heroes of Newerth Nomad Guide

Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011
This is a guide about Nomad, a hero that's all about mobility and teamfight awareness, if you can pull it off it's one of the strongest heroes and you'll wreck in teamfights, but if you play him...
Strategy Guide

Lightning and Thunder: an Assault Marine/Scout Opening Strategy Guide

Sunday, 14 May 2017
by Sparkskite Introduction Itís well-known that Tactical Marines are underperforming in 1v1; Relic already has plans to adjust the Tacticals in the first balance patch. However, Space Marines are...
Strategy Guide

Eldar Codex Released!

Thursday, 20 Apr 2017
We are proud to announce our very own Eldar Codex! Filled with all the Dawn of War 3 Eldar buildings, units, statistics, videos and much more! Make sure to check it out before you join the open...
Strategy Guide

Blood & Sand Map Guide

Thursday, 14 Jul 2011
Blood and Sand was recently voted C&C4 players' favorite overall map and is well balanced and one of the oldest maps available to play on in the game, dating back to the beta. Join Comp_Lex to...
Strategy Guide

Economy of Points

Tuesday, 17 Jan 2012
One of the very few missed opportunities in Battlefield 3 is a focus upon scores: although Battlelog displays SPM (score per minute) and the scoreboard displays individual scores, a player's eyes...
Strategy Guide

Map Pack 7 Tips

Monday, 6 Dec 2010
With the introduction of Map Pack 7 Bad Company 2 has finally received four new maps to keep us happy until the arrival of Vietnam. Below this are some tips, hints and notes to help players adjust...
Gameplay Tip

Command and Conquer Generals Tech/Demo Tactic

Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011
Brothers, This tactic I like to use against rival GLA warlords and the USA oppressors, it involves using a technical to transport a worker around the map and build demo traps in the early stages of...