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GameReplays Interviews: Sybert

By cwedvin - 27th February 2021 - 17:07 PM

Community Questions

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CUmunismo: Do you consider yourself a "celebrity" in the sense that almost everyone in the Command and Conquer community knows you and your channel?

Sybert: Nope. Not even within the C&C community. We're separated into many groups and there often isn't a lot of crossover so many RA 3 players on C&C Online know me, but many don't and outside of RA 3/KW not many know me.

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Vindies: First of all a crazily huge thanks for getting back to casting RA3. What triggered you to return?

Sybert: A couple of things. I answered earlier, but it was something I had been thinking about for 6+ months and the timing was right with life. Also I missed watching Vindies.

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Hepsi^: When are we going to see you start streaming live events for Generals Zero Hour?

Sybert: I actually did a dual cast with DoMiNaToR for a ZH show match quite recently. Scheduling for events is difficult as I don't have a particularly quiet space at regular times and a multi hour event is difficult to arrange everything for. Often times when recording more than one game at a time Iíll have something come up in the middle and have to pause recording and come back later.

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automan29: What are your top 5 casts that you have done? (name the video if you want)

Sybert: I don't have a great memory for an actual, definitive top 5 but here are some that stick out
List of videos

[BikeRushOwnz vs MasterLeaf KW WC:

Drive vs Futurama:

8 Player FFA in Kane's Wrath:

One of the DDF or Dimon vs Zugspitze games was great, but I don't remember which so here's a series:

Magma FFA:

These 6 player FFAs c9q9md did are also great:

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Andrey_96: who is your favorite player except me? ^^

Sybert: Favorite player to watch was Dankal. I always felt he was on another level, sad he's not around anymore.

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Bashley: What's your favorite game in the C&C franchise?

Sybert: Red Alert 2

Bashley: Did casting good players games ever inspire you to attempt to reach a good level in C&C?

Sybert: Sometimes I feel inspired, but I lack the interest in giving up other things to spend the time it would take me to be good.

Bashley: What's your favorite faction? (KW/RA3)

Sybert: KW is Black Hand and Soviets for RA 3

Bashley: Is there any other games outside the C&C franchise you particularly like?

Sybert: I like StarCraft and StarFox 64 and Terraria, but I haven't played those in a long time

Bashley: Why do you not wub?

Sybert: Most of the time I forget because it may be days or weeks in between downloading a replay and actually watching it

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zokker13: Did you consider to cast other games, too?

Sybert: I did cast some SC2 back in 2015 and I quite enjoyed it, but it fell by the wayside and I haven't gotten back into it

zokker13: Do you play any games nowadays?

Sybert: Lately I've been playing Shadow of Mordor, Destiny 2 and I just got a Switch so Smash Bros and Mario Kart

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rklaus: Tell your opinion on the 5 best games on Kane's Wrath, who played them, what makes the games as the best.

Sybert: I couldn't possibly rank the 5 best KW games, but they would probably be played by Technique, BikeRushOwnz, MasterLeaf, Unleashed, Spectre, or Dynamic.
Here's some epic games though
List of videos

Drive vs MasterLeaf:

Space vs MasterLeaf:

BikeRushOwnz vs MasterLeaf KW WC:

MasterLeaf vs Drive:

BikeRushOwnz vs Futurama:

The best games are action packed and feature evenly matched players that are playing very well.

The best games I like watching are when interesting things happen. Sometimes it's a moment of one outplaying the other or it's a strategy we've never seen before.

rklaus: Whom do you like to dual cast with?

Sybert: I like dual casting with GGMachine and Spartacus, but that's also because I just enjoy hanging out with those guys in general.

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HappyWins: What are your standards when it comes to judging whether a certain game is worth casting or not?

Sybert: Was I bored during the game? Was it a poor performance by the players? I donít preview games before casting, so sometimes I abandon a game mid-recording or I get to the end and realize itís no good.

HappyWins: How often do you receive games for casting via your email? Do you have any other alternative, more direct, ways to receive mails and suggestions?

Sybert: I receive games fairly often, but there are cycles where I'll get many games in a week and then no games for a few weeks. On average 2-4 games a week. Email is best, that way I don't lose it.

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-YuNo-: How much do you love Yuno? (I have to ask that ), I like the way you say my name in your videos..

Sybert: Much.

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Plokite_Wolf: Can you finish either RA2 campaign in one sitting?

Sybert: Uhhhhh I guess, I think I did this as a kid, but haven't played the campaign in a long time.

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Master x: Where did you learn to become a commentator?

Sybert: Learned by doing. In the old BattleCast PrimeTime show they gave some commentary tips in an episode and I used those, but I just started doing it. After I started I would also listen to what other commentators did and try to put into words what's good and what's bad about it.

Master x: Why didn't you consider a career in this?

Sybert: It didn't seem like a good short term career and it's not what I want to do long term.

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yzzd-pk (pika): How to record Ra3 in 1080p 60fps ?

Sybert: I record everything at 30FPS and then when editing I mask out the interface and use interpolation to create the in between frames. I used to use Fraps because the quality is perfect, but when it comes to beyond 1080p resolutions Fraps is too much, so now I use Shadowplay with the settings maxed out (still 30fps though) which is a good balance between quality and ease.

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GameReplays: Sybert, on our behalf and on behalf of the entire C&C community, thanks for your time and thorough this interview.

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