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Red Alert 3 Features and Articles

Special Feature

Red Alert 3: History of Events

Monday, 21 Mar 2016
Greetings commanders!As a kind of “new-gen” top player, I have been curious about what actually happened back in the golden days of RA3. What kinds of events were hosted, what were the prizes and which players dominated the game back then?Today, together with gamereplays.org, I bring to you the...
Special Feature

Red3's Next Expert

Sunday, 11 Oct 2015
Red3.org has a long list of experts who have been a part of the community, including -Netput, JoZhA, iaguz, -XeoNeQ- (Dynamic), vehman, Technique, Avilo, ShadowTerran_II, Crunk 8D, EyEamZero, Dwelf^ nukestrike, Malle, Zlex, Luigi, DasDuelon, sofronel, Maniek, FreeZZinG, BaPor, Mutou, Matiz,...
Special Feature

Comrades, we're recruiting!

Sunday, 27 Sep 2015
Greetings Comrades! The Red Alert 3 section here on Gamereplays.org and Red3.org are looking for new staff members to join our game team. Red Alert 3 is the newest of the Command and Conquer games affected by the GameSpy closure but like all of the affected games, it still needs to be...
Special Feature

The Lighthouse: GBHMichael

Friday, 7 Aug 2015
Greetings comrades, and welcome once more to The Red3 Lighthouse. Our next highlight player is NaCl.GBHMichael! You can catch Michael speed-running and playing various games on his Twitch channel. Be sure to follow him so you know when he goes live!Red3: First, tell us a little bit about...
Special Feature

Ranked Map Changes

Sunday, 29 Mar 2015
Greetings Comrades, Things have been a little quiet around here lately, but we hope you've been enjoying the Grinder League and are looking forward to more action soon. One issue that has commanded the GameReplays Red Alert 3 community's attention over the past four months has been the ladder and...
Special Feature

The Lighthouse: Kiro

Tuesday, 6 Jan 2015
Welcome comrades, once more to The Red3 Lighthouse. Our next highlight player is H2O||Kiro! You can watch Kiro's FPV on his Twitch channel. Be sure to follow him so you know when he goes live!Red3: First, tell us a little bit about yourself. Age, general location, what you do. Be as vague or...
Special Feature

Christmas Tournament Financial report

Monday, 5 Jan 2015
Greetings comrades, The Red3 2014 Christmas Tournament was a wonderful success and a pleasant way to end the year, but let's cover the financials since it was a crowd funded prize pool. I'm writing this article because I think it's important to provide some degree of transparency when taking...
Special Feature

Ladder Wars Reboot

Friday, 2 Jan 2015
Greetings Comrades, As you may be aware the C&C: Online ladders have officially reset for the first time. January 2015 will be our first month with ladders working the entire time. Due to the initial issues that we had during December and the new ranked map packs we are skipping official Ladder...
Special Feature

The Lighthouse: Vindies

Tuesday, 11 Nov 2014
Welcome comrades to The Red3 Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is a new player spotlight for the Red Alert 3 community. We want to use this as an opportunity to highlight and learn a little bit more about a community member. Our first highlight player is [m8s]Vindies! If you want to follow Vindies his...
Special Feature

Charity Tournament Announcement

Saturday, 20 Sep 2014
Greetings comrades! We here at Red3 and GameReplays are very excited to announce our next tournament. We're going to be doing something a little bit different this time around and Commissioner Sybert has made a video to explain. Check it out below. DetailsThat's right we're going to be...