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Invalid Serial Number Update By Apoc

By AgmLauncher - 29th October 2008 - 19:50 PM

For those of us struggling to connect online due to invalid serial numbers, Apoc (RA3 community manager) has posted an explanation and when we can expect it to be fixed.

"Hey everyone,

Too many multiple threads for me to reply in, so here is the official word on BOTH serial key issues right now.

SERIAL KEY ISSUE #1 - My key says it is invalid and I cannot get online

There were a small amount of keys in the early distribution which were not pre-loaded in to our backend, thus that is why it's tell you it is invalid. This is a similar issue we experienced during the Beta Test. This will be resolved by the end of day TODAY. By tonight, or at latest tomorrow morning, anyone experiencing this particular issue should be able to get online without a problem. Many of you may not even experience this.

SERIAL KEY ISSUE #2 - My manual has 19 digits instead of 20 for the serial key

To our misfortune, another small set of the first run of manuals misprinted the serial keys, leaving one digit off. Our Customer Support team will be posting a simple FAQ proces at help.commandandconquer.com where you can contact them and they will quickly help you fix your key.

However, there is a quick workaround if you do not want to go through that process.

The last digit of your serial key will either be a number from 0 - 9 or a letter from A - Z. Using a quick proces of elimination, simply type a number or letter at the end of the serial key until it activates. There is a maximum of 36 possible entries, so it's likely you'll hit the correct number or letter before then. It's not the most glamorous workaround, but its quick and painless and will save you some time from contacting Customer Support if you don't wish to do that.

We apologize for these two serial key issues. Both were absolutely out of our hands and while seemingly unacceptable, we hope you can understand. For most of you, this should not be an issue by tomorrow, especially when everyone starts getting online. Any more updates on critical issues or any of the above, i'll keep you posted.