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FTL #5 Tournament Announcement & Sign-ups!

By c9q9md - 15th November 2012 - 01:15 AM

Welcome Commanders! In what is no doubt a belated return of a community favorite, For The Lulz is back for it's fifth addition to the series. The sole aim is all in the name of entertainment, laughs & general banter. c9q9md has initiated & drawn up the plan for the whole tournament, & with a date set we're ready to announce the sign-ups!

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Date, Time & Place

The date will is set as Sunday the 18th of November. The first rounds will commence at 14:00 GMT/16:00 CEST. The tournament will be held in the 'Tournament 01' lobby, where there should be a staff member hosting the event (lol_maker/iNdK/c9q9md).

In the event no Referee is present, please save all replays.

Elimination & Tournament Format

Each round up till the finals will be a BO3 series, with the finals set at a BO5. Each round has a set match-up/map:The matches marked with a asterix (*) have their starting credits adjusted correspondingly.


Sign ups are currently under way HERE, which will close 20 minutes before the event starts. The brackets will be set up during this time & posted in a thread in General Discussion (titled "FTL #5 BRACKETS & REPLAYS").

Please be mindful of the information you submit into the tournament system. All information regarding your in-game username must be 100% accurate - it is your own responsibility to ensure this. If in the event a mistake is made & you require assistance, please don't hesitate to send a PMIPB Image.

Here's some helpful steps to follow when signing up using the tournament system:
  1. Click the green "Register Here" button.
  2. Input your in-game username in "game ID" field. The "rating" tab is not needed.
  3. 30 minutes before the event come back to the sign-up page click the sign-in button to confirm your participation (brackets will be posted 5-10 minutes before Round 1 starts.
Alternatively, if you prefer to post up your correct details in the forum topic, then please do so & a member of staff will input those details into the tournament system for you.

Fair Play

All general Fair Play Rules apply. If a reminder is necessary, then use of the following bugs/exploits will lead to disqualification:
  • Empire's Sudden Transport glitch.
  • Allies placing structures around an outpost before it is finished deploying.
  • Peacekeeper splash damaging walled structures.
  • Dolphin splash damaging land structures.
  • The "Mini-MCV" bug - in it's entirety!
  • Intentional DCs or game crashing
  • Invisible infantry glitch.
Players who are more than 20 minutes late will be disqualified - there's simply no fun in sitting around awaiting people.


Please save all replays & upload them to the thread that will be made available in General Discussion. Wmm's Replay Tool is great for checking the stats of & automatically saving replays.

As a last measure to help prevent replays being lost, all matches should be played with the "Broadcast Match" option ticked in the Rules tab. That way replays will be retrievable for a time after the event via shatabrick

GLHF to all the participants!