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Red Alert 3: History of Events

By Vindies - 21st March 2016 - 15:04 PM

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Greetings commanders!

As a kind of “new-gen” top player, I have been curious about what actually happened back in the golden days of RA3. What kinds of events were hosted, what were the prizes and which players dominated the game back then?

Today, together with gamereplays.org, I bring to you the results of all the research I have done in the past month. I bring you an overview of all the competitive events including results and to some degree, the prizes since the release of this game back from the 28th of October, 2008.

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If you have not been around since those golden RA3 days, you may need an explanation of the three different categories of events that I have chosen to cover today.

1) Tournaments: These do not need much explanation, but I include events like The Main Event, Grinder League, Ladder Season and Team Tournaments under this category.

2) Ladder Wars: Every month people were battling out on the ladder through Auto Match. At the end of every month, the top 4 players were facing off against each other in a 4-player bracket, where #1 fought #4 and #2 fought #3 in the semi finals. The winner won two EA-games, #2 and #3 won one EA-game each.

3) ConquerCups: Every week you could sign up for this tournament which was played on Sunday. Everyone could sign up and the prize pool was decided based on the amount of participants. $1 for each sign-up. If >64 players signed up, the prize pool was $100. If >200 signed up, the prize pool was $160. These prizes were either paid out to the winner or shared between 1st and 2nd places. There did also exist a little brother to these events: The Conquer Cup Lite with a $0,50/sign-up prize pool every Thursday. I have chosen not to include the Conquer Cup Lite here due to lack of information and lack competitiveness compared to the real Conquer Cups.

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Also, I created statistics documenting the players who have been ranking the best in the different RA3 events. In addition, I made a list of the generous people of our community who have donated to tournament prize pools and kept the competitive scene going.

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1 - Inspector Rage donated more than the sum of everyone else combined. He has donated $1720 and still counting…

2 - We have actually had an FFA-tournament and regular tournament ending in a 3-player FFA-final.

3 - There was once hosted a China vs the World Tournament.

4 - Throughout history, the Allies have been the dominating tournament faction winning 51% of all tournaments. That probably was no surprise to you, but did you know that an Empire player has won 56% of all Ladder Wars and they also won most of the Conquer Cups (39%)?

5 - Technique won Ladder Season 3 back in 2009. He won $4000 in this live event hosted by EA. But what about Ladder Season 1 and 2 you ask? Well, they never existed for RA3.

6 - Occasionally, 2v2 and 3-player FFA-maps were included in the map pool of 1v1 tournaments.

7 - We have 34 experts. 7 expert titles were achieved in 2008 (that is only 2 months…), 14 expert titles were achieved in 2009. Back in those days, up to 7 expert titles were achieved in the same topic – yes, topic – not even an interview as all recent experts have had. Some did not even win a single event.

8 - The largest RA3-tournament ever had 512 sign-ups.

9 - Technique has won most cash throughout history. Vindies has won the most tournaments. DasDuelon has won the most Ladder Wars and most Conquer Cups, so he has by far won the most total events.

10 - DasDuelon has a brother, Eagl3Ey3 aka “Mini-Duelon”, who won just as many tournaments as his brother.

11 - In the Hall of Fame for replays, there are eight from 2008, eighteen from 2009, zero from 2010, one from 2011, one from 2012, two from 2013, one from 2014 and finally, None from 2015 and 2016 so far

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I hope this article brought some wrinkles to your forehead in the fact you did not already know all or most of the fun facts mentioned above! I also hope you enjoyed looking back into the History of Red Alert 3 as much as I did in making this article for everyone and I look forward to the good times ahead of us.

Yours truly,


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