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Ladder Wars Qualifiers - June 2012

By Sheriff AA - 10th July 2012 - 19:52 PM

Hello comrades!

The month of June has ended, and the battle for the Top 4 spots on the ladder has ended! Four players stood from the crowd and each earned a spot in this months Ladder Wars tournement. These players will get the chance to play in the monthly tournement for the chance to win some free EA Games!

These players are:
  • YuiYui
  • c9q9md
  • Eminence
  • Kivi
The players will be competing for the following prizes:
  • First Place: - 2 Free EA Games
  • Second Place: - 1 Free EA Game
  • Third Place: - 1 Free EA Game
  • Fourth Place: - Nothing
Players are free to organise & play all matches at a time that is most suitable for them - all replays must be submitted to staff however. Time differences can be cross-checked here.

All matchups are BO5, and the tournement is split into two rounds. Rank 1 will play Rank 4, and Rank 2 will play Rank 3 with the winner of both matchups playing each other in the finals while the two losers will play for 3rd place.

The matches for the first round looks as follows:
  • YuiYui vs. Kivi
  • c9q9md vs. Eminence
Congratulations to the four participants, and good luck on the battlefield!
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