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Join the Red Alert 3 staff!

By Inspector RaGe - 21st September 2021 - 01:13 AM

Greetings Comrades! Gamereplays.org and Red3.org are looking for new staff members to join our team. We want to increase the events and the competitive scene in general. If you think you can help to support and nurture this game, please take some time to think over the following positions available.

The General Perks that come with all positions

When you're a staff member at any level, the same basic perks are available to you. These include a larger inbox, access to the staff areas of gamereplays.org for not only your own section, but every game's staff forum. So if you want to help out with another game section then feel free! You also get basic moderation powers in the section of your responsibility, so for example: if you're a Fair Play Specialist, you can moderate in the Fair Play forum and so on. The main benefit is that you get a much bigger sense of responsibility and satisfaction than you do by just being a member, it is also a good chance to earn respect from members and staff members alike. It is even something you can put on your CV/resume!


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Commentators showcase the best matches by making commentaries or VoDs of our replays and some have even broadcasted live events.

Since Commentators commentate over matches, you need to have some knowledge of Red Alert 3, although you don't have to be an expert at the game. The most important thing is that you are entertaining and are willing to put in some work behind the scenes, as it often takes time recording the commentaries. Commentators all have different styles, so don't be afraid to apply if your style is different to everyone else's. However it is important that you enjoy making commentaries, as this will show in the videos you produce and will help to entertain the community, and keep them watching your videos.

What is required from you? Two Video Commentaries per month.

Tournament Referee

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Tournament Referee help run tournament events hosted by gamereplays. They help with conceiving, organising, hosting and presenting the results of tournaments. If you have a helpful nature and enjoy tournaments, this is definitely right staff position for you!

What is required from you? Your help in holding one tournament event per month.

Fair Play Specialist

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As a Fair Play Specialist, you live and breath the Fair Play Forum. You must be active daily on the forum, and ensure that all fair play reports are quickly assigned to a member of fair play staff and are resolved within a few days of the report being made. You will need to have a sound knowledge of the game and on-line play, good communications skills and probably some technical knowledge too. It is the hardest junior staff role, and requires the most disciplined and focused of members to be successful. However, for that reason Fair Play Specialists are some of the most well respected members of staff. Obviously, you will not be thrown in at the deep end, and you will be trained and mentored by Senior Staff before you start resolving reports.

What is required from you? High activity levels and that you solve your assigned fair play reports each week.

If you are interested in applying for any staff position, then please send a PM to Inspector_RaGe . Remember, we are ALWAYS looking for staff, so you can always apply to any position you feel you'd like to try out.

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