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5 Year 1v1 - Brackets, Livestream, and Replays

By Commissioner Sybert - 26th October 2013 - 14:27 PM

Greetings Comrades! The final 5 Year Anniversary tournament is upon us just tomorrow. We're looking to go lead into the anniversary with many matches, which is why on Sunday, October 27th at 14:00 GMT/15:00 CET in the Tournament 01 lobby we will have a double elimination 1v1 tournament.


There's a $40 prize pool which is made possible by the donations from Inspector RaGe and Mknappen and will be awarded to first place only. First place will receive $40 or $20 and a year of GameReplays subscription (view the perks of this) if we can not transfer the money. The prize is dependent on there being at least 16 players that participate in the tournament.

Map pool and elimination

The map pool is based on the standard 1v1 ladder maps that you should all be familiar with. The first map will be chosen via map elimination and the loser will pick there after. However the double elimination format is a little bit unusual. The winner's bracket will be best of 3 up to the winner's final which will be a best of 5. The loser's bracket will be a best of 1 up to the finals which will be a best of 3. At this point the winner of the loser's bracket will face the winner of the winner's bracket in a best of 7. If the winner of the winner's loses then an additional series must be played to determine the champion.

Map Pool

  • Battlebase Beta
  • Cabana Republic
  • Fire Island
  • Industrial Strength
  • Infinity Isle
  • Snow Plow
  • Temple Prime


Below is the bracket for the tournament. This will be updated as the tournament progresses.
The match-ups will be shuffled immediately prior to the tournament beginning. Check back right before the tournament begins.

Fair Play

All general Fair Play rules apply to this tournament. If a reminder is necessary, the use of the following bugs/exploits will lead to disqualification:

1. Empire's Sudden Transport glitch.
2. Allies placing structures around an outpost before it is finished deploying.
3. Peacekeeper splash damaging walled structures.
4. Dolphin splash damaging land structures.
5. The "Mini-MCV" bug in its entirety!
6. Intentional DCs or game crashing.
7. Invisible infantry glitch.
8. Dropping tengus on building intentionally.


Registration officially closes at 12:00 GMT on the 27th. At this point the brackets will be finalized and officially posted.
For each tournament if you or any member of your team doesn't show up within 15 minutes of the tournament starting you or your team will be disqualified.

Results and Replay Reporting

All replays must be saved and results must be reported in the Results and Replays thread after you finish your series. If a referee or commentator is present in the match they are responsible for saving the replay, but you should save the replay as well just as a safety measure.



Streaming and casting will be provided by Sybert and a dual-caster. If your game is being casted you are not allowed to stream your FPV as well. This is to reduce lag. If your game is not being streamed then feel free to stream your perspective, but remember that your opponent may be watching. Sybert will be streaming random matches and the winner's semi-finals, finals, loser's finals, and the grand finals.

Of course Good Luck and Have Fun Comrades!

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5 Year Anniversary Announcement
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