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5 Year Anniversary

By Commissioner Sybert - 5th October 2013 - 02:30 AM

Greeting Commanders!

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We are on the verge of a monumental Red Alert 3 event. In just a few weeks Red Alert 3 will be five years old. On October 28th, 2008 EA L.A. released Red Alert 3 in North America a few days later on the 31st it was released to the rest of the world. This is very interesting and all, but what does it mean to you? Well, GameReplays is proud to announce a total of three tournaments will be held, during the month of October, in celebration of the five year anniversary. Each tournament will have a cash prize for 1st place and some additional prizes for the 1v1 tournament.
That's not all, GameReplays Senior Commentator Sybert will be providing special edition commentaries for the Red Alert 3 community. You can look forward to special guests as well as exciting matches in addition regular content. We also have some special edition articles that will be published right here on the portal.

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As mentioned before we have three separate tournaments for you all to take part in. Each tournament has different rules and conditions so read carefully if you want to participate.

3v3 Tournament

The first tournament we will be hosting is going to be a 3v3 tournament with a $60 prize pool on Sunday October 13th starting at 14:00 GMT/16:00 CET. The team that takes first place will receive the entire $60. Each player will receive $20 or a years GameReplays subscription (view the perks of this) if we can not transfer the money. The prize is dependent on there being at least five teams that participate on the day of the tournament.

2v2 Tournament

The second tournament will be taking place the following Sunday, October 20th starting at 14:00 GMT/16:00 CET. The prize will be similar to the 3v3 tournament in that each member of the winning team will receive $20 or a year of GameReplays subscription. Again, the prizes will only be awarded if there's at least eight teams that participate.

1v1 Tournament

Our final tournament will be the one closest to the anniversary. On October 27th at 14:00 GMT/15:00 CET (are you starting to see a trend here?) we will host the 1v1 tournament. First place will receive $20 cash, or a year of GameReplays subscription. Additionally, both first and second place will also receive keys for instant access to the Command and Conquer Alpha. If there aren't enough players that show up for either of the previous tournaments the prize money will roll over into the following tournaments. Prize money for the 1v1 tournament will only be awarded if 16 players participate on tournament day.

Map Pool and Elimination

The map pool and elimination details vary for each tournament. See the registration topics for that information.

Fair Play

All general Fair Play Rules apply to each tournament. If a reminder is necessary, the use of the following bugs/exploits will lead to disqualification:

1. Empire's Sudden Transport glitch.
2. Allies placing structures around an outpost before it is finished deploying.
3. Peacekeeper splash damaging walled structures.
4. Dolphin splash damaging land structures.
5. The "Mini-MCV" bug in its entirety!
6. Intentional DCs or game crashing.
7. Invisible infantry glitch.
8. Dropping tengus on building intentionally.


All you need to do to register for any of these tournaments is to post your name or your team member names in the respective registration topic linked below. Only register if you or your team is going to be able to show up on the day of.
Registration officially closes at 12:00 GMT on each tournament day. At this point the brackets will be finalized and officially posted.
For each tournament if you or any member of your team doesn't show up with in 15 minutes of the tournament starting you or your team will be disqualified.

Prize Donation

Cash prizes were donated by Riomax and RaGe, so a big thanks to them for making the prize pools possible. Alpha keys were arranged by Methuselah, so a thank you to him as well.
If you wish to donate to increase the prize pool, this is possible, but it must be done through the appropriate channels. For more information contact Sybert or Rage.


3v3 Tournament Registration (Closed)
2v2 Tournament Registration (Closed)
1v1 Tournament Registration (Closed)
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