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Screenshot Competition Volume 11

By Inspector RaGe - 14th October 2021 - 15:59 PM

Welcome Commanders, Red3.org and GameReplays are happy to announce Volume 11 of Red Alert 3's Screenshot Competition.

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This event is open to all members including staff!

To participate, simply post your picture in the general discussion topic linked below by October 31st, 04:00 GMT. That topic will automatically close when the time is up, at which point a new topic will open with all the screenshots listed for the community to vote in.

Voting Process

The voting will be by done via topic post, letting everyone know which member's screenshot is your overall favorite.

The voting will be available to all members including staff, and will be available for 1 week. Once closed, all the votes will be counted and the winner determined.


The winner of this competition will be awarded with a custom signature tailored to your specifications by one of the Red Alert's artists.

In addition, you will also receive the following Screenshot Award: IPB Image

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Screenshots - SPECIAL RULES

  • Only in game action screenshots are allowed. EVERYTHING ALLOWED!
  • Uprising screenshots are not permitted. PERMITTED!
  • You may only submit one screenshot.
  • You can change your screenshot before the time is up.
  • Screenshots of custom maps are allowed.
  • Screenshots of mods are not permitted. PERMITTED!
  • You can not vote for you own screenshot.
  • Screenshots from previous events are not allowed.


  • Third party software manipulation or enhancements are not permitted. PERMITTED!
  • Only Jpeg or Png files can be submitted.
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