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Allied Commando Counters Strategy Guide

By Ryftig - 21st October 2009 - 00:08 AM

They are devastating. They are dangerous. Their loyalty is unmatched, and they fear no roar from either dog or bear. They are Commandos, and they are coming for you…

...so you had better be prepared to deal with them. In this first segment of "Countering Commandos", we will investigate some strategies for Allies to use against the three ladies of demolition.

The Allied arsenal has quite a few units to choose from when countering infantry, but the strategies involved may often differ when faced with commandos. A spam of Peacekeepers, for instance, is a great counter to other infantry, but certainly not against Tanya! Let's take a look at some things Allies can do to nullify each commando's abilities and focus on their weaknesses.

Spy IFVs kill all commandos in one hit!


Tanya is the die-hard go-getter commando of the Allies, sporting a pair of Black Buzzard pistols and a brand-spankin'-new Time Belt. She has been foiling Soviet plots ever since the original Red Alert and will doubtlessly continue to do so until there are no enemies left!


  • Mows down hordes of infantry without breaking a sweat
  • Places C4 charges into buildings and tanks to send fragments flying. Tanya cannot be attacked while she is placing explosives! This greatly increases her longevity when buildings/tanks are close together!
  • Zips back in time when under pressure


  • Is still infantry, at heart: vulnerable to anti-infantry fire and has slow mobility.
  • Cannot attack air units
  • Unable to penetrate fortress walls
To counter Tanya, focus on her weaknesses!

Little mobility means you will rarely see Tanya walk into your base. There are two common methods to "deliver" Tanya: Century Bomber and IFV. Killing the transport unit with Tanya inside it kills Tanya! If you see Century Bombers, send in Apollos and IFVs. If you see a Tanya IFV, send in some tanks or Vindicators for a quick attack, especially if you see your opponent is distracted elsewhere.

Tanya is vulnerable while being parachuted out of the Century Bomber! Apollos and other anti-air units can deal quick damage to her, even if you fail to kill the Century Bomber in time!

Alternately, you can place 2-3 dogs right under the falling Tanya. They will manage to rip her to shreds before she has a chance to fire!

What do you do if Tanya makes it into your base? Well, Tanya cannot attack air units! This leaves her extremely vulnerable to the powerful Allied air force. A Cryocopter can freeze Tanya in just a few seconds, allowing even the weakest infantry to kill her in one shot. Alternately, you can use your Vindicators to bomb her back to the Stone Age, although it takes 10 bombs to kill her.

Lastly, Tanya is vulnerable to anti-infantry fire from tanks, which she must be close to in order to kill. Use Riptides, Peacekeeper IFVs, or perhaps the best counter, Spy IFVs to neutralize Tanya. Make sure to use "reverse move" (default: 'D') to keep your tanks shooting but moving away from her at the same time.

As a last resort, Tanya cannot bomb your buildings if they are walled in! Walling in Refineries is a great way to protect them, although your other buildings may not be so safe. Use walls to impede her path to buy you some time to get the forces necessary to take her out. Mirage Tanks' secondary ability can also hide buildings and units within its radius, thus protecting them!