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Build Order Guide Part 1 - Soviets

By kustodian - 25th November 2009 - 20:21 PM

Fast War Factory

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Effectiveness Vs. Experienced Players: Moderate - High
Effectiveness Vs. Newer Players: High

The Soviet War Factory build is very versatile because it unlocks a number of effective unit combination right from the start. Terror Drones and Sickles allow this strategy to be very effective both in terms of harassment and grappling with enemy early game units. This build also allows for easy Hammer Tank use. The major downside of this strategy is that it leaves you very vulnerable to Allied Vindicators. However, if you use the Barracks variation, you can scout your opponent's Airfield early on, allowing you to adjust your build appropriately.

Build Order

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  1. Reactor:
    • In the pure War Factory build, the Reactor comes first so that you can get the Refinery and War Factory up as soon as possible.
  2. Refinery #1:
    • To get your economy going and to unlock the War Factory.
  3. War Factory:
    • Best to place this as close as you can to your opponent's base. Once built you have the option of going for 1-2 Terror Drones to harass, Sickles for general engagements and harassment as well, or a combination of Sickles and Terror Drones for effective early game ground assaults.
  4. Refinery #2:
    • Donít forget to wall off your Refineries!
  5. Super Reactor:
    • To tech to Hammer Tanks, gain access to the Airfield, as well as expand using your MCV.
From there you should be expanding, harassing and adapting to your opponent's build order. You will be vulnerable to anti-tank infantry throughout the game if you solely rely on your War Factory for units. The Grinder Tread support power line will benefit you the most, especially when facing mass infantry.

Video demonstration of this build order.


There are distinct advantages when using a Barracks first, it allows you to scout early on and capture an Oil Derrick without too many problems. The disadvantage is that you'll be forced to delay your War Factory for a little while and that could dull your edge in the game.

Sell your Barracks before your second Refinery is finished, that way you don't go into low power and you can build your Super Reactor without having to build a second Reactor. However, you will be without a Barracks so countering infantry will be the trade off.

Soviet Crane Build

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Effectiveness Vs. Experienced Players: Moderate
Effectiveness Vs. Newer Players: High

The Soviet Crane strategy uses two build queues to efficiently tech and expand both at the same time. It is a perfect build to use for an economy boom style game plan as the MCV can easily move around expansions and use the Crane to build Refineries. This allows the MCV to reach other expansions much faster than a standard build. It is also very flexible once you hit tier 2. The largest downside to this build is that you may get harassed early on with seemingly no units to defend. However you do have the Crane, meaning that any harvesters that get damaged can be repaired when they reach critical health levels.

Build order

    IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

    IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image
  1. Crane:
    • An obvious choice for this build order, this structure allows you to create two buildings at the same time upon completion and is the backbone of this strategy.
  2. Power in MCV and Barracks in Crane:
    • Power is made to be able to build Refineries and a Barracks for scouting and if possible capturing Oil Derricks.
    • Be extremely careful how many bears you create due to the fact that the Crane build eats through cash very quickly and you can easily find yourself out of pocket with both War Factory and Super Reactor in production but stalled.
  3. Refinery in MCV and Refinery in Crane:
    • Double Refineries for a decent starting economy.
    • You will be on low power, after building these two Refineries, but don't worry you're still in advantage, because you built your base much faster with a Crane.
  4. War Factory in MCV and Super Reactor in Crane:
    • Allows you to start producing mechanized units and gives you a very early Super Reactor, hence a fast Tier 2, which can give you a head start on making Hammer Tanks, or an Airfield if you so choose.
After this starting build, use the MCV to expand to the next Ore Node of your choice, usually the closest, and either start creating Hammer Tanks or a Terror Drone for scouting. From this information, you should be able to adapt your strategy to best counter your opponent.

Video demonstration of this build order.


There are two main areas for variety in this build order; the second and fourth sets of buildings to be made.

The Second Set of buildings:

In the general strategy outlined above, one Power Plant and a Barracks was created, so you would be able to scout and possible take Oil Derricks. You don't have to do it that way. You can always build two Power Plants to have enough power later on, but that would mean that you gave up on early scouting and Oil Derricks. An upside to this is that you won't be low on power and your third set of buildings would go up much faster.

The Fourth Set of buildings:

Super Reactor and War Factory is also not the only option. Using a Power Plant and Barracks type Crane opening allows you to successfully hold off attacks with Flak Troopers so that you can simply build the Super Reactor in the Crane and immediately expand with the MCV without ever making a War Factory. This is usually followed up by fast Airfield once the Super Reactor is complete, which is build next to the Crane to take advantage of the healing drones.

When building a Crane at the start of the game, place it on the opposite side of the Ore Collector. This allows the Crane to heal the Ore Collector when it gets attacked, and it won't cause the Ore Collector to become bugged and stop collecting. Later on if building an Airfield, place it next to the Crane to allow your MiGs to be automatically repaired when they return to your base.

Be on the look-out for the next factionís build orders to be showcased in the following weeks.