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Dimon's Challenge

By Inspector RaGe - 9th April 2017 - 17:18 PM

Greetings commanders and welcome to the next challenge:

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We are going to be putting the newly promoted expert Dimon to the test and like always, we spice it up with money on the line. If you got the guts, keep reading. If not, stop and go back now!

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The total prize pool will be 30$. It's not broken down in any way, it can only be won by completing the challenge and the event will end when someone does.

Dimon is generally available every day except Fridays. The days available, specifically from 14:00 GMT (tourney time) to 17:00 GMT (roughly as it get's late there). You also require a PayPal account in order to get paid. This event consists of a minimum of 6 games, so keep all this in mind when challenging him.

Everyone is allowed to register for this challenge and you must be registered in order to play. Once registered, anyone can organize a match as available at any time. We are keeping this as simple as possible restricting only back to back challenges.

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The challenge will consist of 2 back to back rounds:

Round 1 will be a Best Of 7 on a set of designated maps from the new map pack, so make sure you download them if you don't already have them. Standard map elimination with Dimon eliminating the first map, if you can't decide on a starting map.
BO7 Map Pool
  • Grinder Gulch[1.12.5]
  • Deep Sea[1.12.5]
  • Erebor Lament[1.12.5]
  • Hard Lesson[1.12.5]
  • Island Arena[1.12.5]
  • Mir's Landing[1.12.5]
  • Pure Oniage[1.12.5]

Round 2 will be a Best Of 3. Again on a set of designated maps only in this round, Dimon picks all 3 maps.
BO3 Map Pool
  • Grinder Gulch[1.12.5]
  • Deep Sea[1.12.5]
  • Erebor Lament[1.12.5]
  • Hard Lesson[1.12.5]
  • Island Arena[1.12.5]
  • Mir's Landing[1.12.5]
  • Pure Oniage[1.12.5]
  • BattleBase Beta 1.12.5
  • Cabana Republic 1.12.5
  • Fire Island 1.12.5
  • Industrial Strength 1.12.5
  • Infinity Isle 1.12.5
  • Snow Plow 1.12.5
  • Temple Prime 1.12.5

A successful victory in Round 2 completes the challenge and earns you the 30$, on top of some bragging rights.

IPB Image

Naturally, all general Fair Play Rules apply, so using any of these bugs or exploits leads to a forfeit of that match. A subsequent offence will forfeit the entire challenge.

1. Empire's Sudden Transport glitch.
2. Allies placing structures around an outpost before it is finished deploying.
3. Peacekeeper splash damaging walled structures.
4. Dolphin splash damaging land structures.
5. The "Mini-MCV" bug in its entirety!
6. Intentional DCs or game crashing.
7. Invisible infantry glitch.
8. Dropping Tengus on buildings intentionally.
9. Building structures on top of infantry.
10. Stacking Tengus to allow for mass point defense drones.

All Event Rules

  • All challengers must first be officially registered.
  • You can challenge as many times as you want.
  • You can not request back to back challenges.
  • PM Inspector_Rage the link to your results post along with your PayPal email.
  • Although both players should be saving replays(handy tool below), challengers are ultimately responsible for saving and posting all replays in order to collect.
  • Deadline is May 31st 2017, at which point the funds will be recycled if not claimed.
Good Luck and Have Fun commanders!

P.S. You can use Wmm's Replay Tool to automatically save your replays.

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