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Dual Duel #18 Announcement

By Inspector RaGe - 21st August 2023 - 10:40 AM

Greetings Comrades, Red3.org and GameReplays are proud to announce Dual Duel 18:

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Like all tournaments we run it will be on C&C: Online.

You will need to be set up with C&C: Online, so make sure you do that before the day of the tournament. Remember, GameReplays is not the place to get help with C&C: Online. Head to the Revora support forums for help with C&C: Online.

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Date, Time and Location

Dual Duel #18 will be on Sunday, August 27th beginning at 13:00 GMT/ 15:00 CEST. We will meet in the Tournaments 01 lobby immediately after you check-in. Time differences can be cross-checked using the timer on the home Page.


All you need to do to register for this tournament is have your Team Leader post your Team Name along with the in-game name of the 2 players in the registration topic linked below.

Only register if you have confirmed with your teammate that both of you will be able to show up on the day of. Registration officially closes at 12:45 GMT on August 27th.


Substitutes are allowed but you must register them as part of your team before registration closes. A player can only serve as a substitute for one team.

A substitute player can be called in at any time, but once called in, they must play for the remainder of the tournament. The substitute also takes over the prize pool, however, the previous player still qualifies for the random draw so long as he played at least one game.

Free Agent

If you don't have a team, you can register as a free agent and we can attempt to help form a team for you or perhaps act as a substitute for an other team.

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The total cash prize pool for this event is 120$ and is sponsored by Inspector RaGe(80) and Cervnthes(40). The 1st place prize is worth 70$ divided equally between both players, 2nd place will be 30$ divided equally between both players, and one Random Draw of 20$ to an individual participating player.

The prize pool will only be awarded if we have at least 4 participating teams with the exception of the Random Draw prizes which is guaranteed with a 2 team minimum. If the cash prize does not pay out, it will roll over to the next applicable event.

You have to play all your matches to be eligible for any prize. Anyone who forfeits, is disqualified or does not properly participate, will not be eligible for any prizes.

All prizes are in USD and will be transferred via PayPal. If we cannot transfer the money to you, then we will work with you on how you want your winnings handled.

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MIXED! Map Pool

We will be using the 1.12.6 version of the maps for this event like always, only a mixture between original and custom maps.

The first map of every round will be Corporate Warfare. Losing team picks from the maps listed in the pool below and cannot pick the same map twice in any round. Factions, including random, must be chosen before the map and cannot be changed afterward. If the factions are changed after map choice then the team that picked can choose to counter pick factions or change the map.

BO3 Maps
  • Corporate Warfare 1.12.6 (Starting Map)
  • Isla Nooblar 1.12.6
  • Shoguns Alley 1.12.6
BO5 Maps
  • Corporate Warfare 1.12.6 (Starting Map)
  • Isla Nooblar 1.12.6
  • Shoguns Alley 1.12.6
  • Pool Party 1.12.6
  • Hostile Hostel 1.12.6
BO7 Maps
  • Corporate Warfare 1.12.6 (Starting Map)
  • Isla Nooblar 1.12.6
  • Shoguns Alley 1.12.6
  • Assassins Road 1.12.6
  • Honorbound 1.12.6
  • Pool Party 1.12.6
  • Hostile Hostel 1.12.6
*No Spots Allowed*

Dual Duel 18 will be a SINGLE ELIMINATION. All rounds will be BO3 up to the Semi Finals which are a BO5. Finals are BO7, and there is no 3rd place match.

Fair Play

All general Fair Play Rules apply. If a reminder is necessary, you will be disqualified if you use any of the bugs or exploits.

1. Allies can deploy structures around an outpost before it is finished deploying.
2. There is an exploit that allows units to fire out of Japan's Sudden Transport.
3. Allied Peacekeepers can shoot the ground next to a wall and the splash damage will go through the wall to damage nearby structures.
4. Using the bug where dolphin splash damage can hit land structures near the water if you use force-firing.
5. Shrinked MCVs being able to crush units.
6. Intentional DC's or game crashing
7. Invisible infantry glitch.
8. Using Transformers to land on enemy buildings.
9. Building structures on top of infantry.
10. Using point defense drones on stacked tengus.
11. Proton Collider + Nanoswarm exploit.
12. Infantry Garrison ‘ghost’ bug.
13. Chronosphere/Frozen units exploit.
14. Blackout Missile infinite range exploit.
15. Aircraft instant-turn exploit.
16. Capturing sniped vehicles with anything other than infantry. Includes bears, dogs, burst drones, terror drones and other vehicles.
17. Peacekeepers fast shooting exploit.

Checking In

The check-in period will be between 12:00 and 12:55 GMT (opens 1 hour prior to event start time), after that point the brackets will be drafted and made official.

There will be an official check-in thread that will open at 12:00. To check-in: Every player, (including substitutes) has to check individually along with the Team Name in the check-in thread. Exampled: Inspector_Rage, Team Staff

Only Teams with players/subs that are registered will be allowed to check-in. Only checked-in Teams will be in the bracket. If you have a situation that would cause you to not be able to check-in, but you can still participate then message Inspector RaGe.

You will have 15 minutes to begin your games after the brackets are posted. Brackets will likely be posted by 14:00, but this depends on how late players check-in. You must start your games by 14:15 or you will be disqualified.


If you're early then you're on time. If you're on time then you're late. And if you're late you're disqualified!

There is simply no fun in sitting around waiting on people, so the 15 minutes is the maximum grace period allowed in between all rounds. Failure for anyone to appear at any stage of the event will result in that players forfeit. If you don't have a substitute, you will have to try by yourself or forfeit your team. Extreme circumstances can be discussed with event staff.

If you need to take a break in between games, inform your opponent and the Referee. At most, five minute breaks will be allowed and only if needed. Maximum one break per round. If a player is found to be abusing this freedom or failing to inform the necessary parties or not returning on time, you will be disqualified at Referee discretion.


As live streams and casts are an important part of GameReplays.org events, if a streamer wants to observe a game, the players must allow at least 1 attempt. If the game has just started and either player feels like it is unplayable, they reserve the right to leave the game and request a replay with the streamer observing using the live replay tool. If unplayable lag starts mid-game, then the players can request the streamer leave ONLY if they are running the live replay tool.

If, and only if, the live replay tool fails to work for whatever reason, the streamer can request the players to submit the replays one at a time as completed direct to the streamer through agreed means (e.g. Skype).

Failure to comply with any of the above can lead to a match forfeit or disqualification from the current and/or future events.


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