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FTW #44 Recap

By GBHmichael - 22nd March 2017 - 07:07 AM

Greetings, Commanders! Here is a quick recap of FTW #44.

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It was a Double Elimination tournament this time around, luring in 16 combatants with its sweet nectar, a 75$ prize. Things started out as expected, before we saw 9track get knocked down to the depths below by a new participant, XYBruce, in round 2. Dimon paved his way through the ranks to meet XYbruce in the semis, while Moh.Kohaji and Deep_D_Fantasy got paired together on the other side.

It was Allies vs Soviets for the first winnerís semi-final as XYBruce duked it out vs Dimon. After losing game 1, XYBruce managed to tie up the series 1-1, before being taken down at the last hurdle by the Soviet forces. Meanwhile, the Soviets were reigning supreme yet again on the other side of the bracket, with Deep_D_Fantasy defeating Moh.Kohaji 2-1. So Dimon and Deep_D-Fantasy would be scrapping for Soviet supremacy in the Winnerís final.

Down below in the loserís bracket, it was everyoneís last chance to recover with all but the loserís final being BO1s. Alvin_Tey was hoping for a comeback, defeating several opponents, before finally dropping out at the hands of XYBruce. Shortly after, XYBruce fell to Moh.Kohaji, who was set to play the loser of the winnerís bracket final.

Winner's bracket final

Commentary by XcpksniperX

Soviet mirror time with a BO5 in the winnerís final. Dimon took an early lead, taking the first map on Infinity Isle. In quite a quick game 2, Deep_D_Fantasy heated things up, tying up the series to a 1-1 on Fire Island. In the end, more overall solid play from Dimon led to his opponentís demise as he swept through the remaining games on Battlebase Beta and Cabana Republic.

Loser's bracket final

It was rematch time in the loserís final as Deep_D_Fantasy locked horns with Moh.Kohaji once again. Not wanting to face the same fate, Moh.Kohaji stepped up his game and took map one on Fire Island. But it didnít stop there, the Allies player kept it going, taking the 2-0 and making his way to face Dimon in the grand finals.

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Commentary by GBHmichael

And so, we reached the grand finals! As Dimon was the winnerís bracket victor, he opted to take a single point head start in this final BO7, taking him into game 1 with a 1-0 lead.

The finals began on Fire Island with a fast airfield from the Allies and a barracks, delayed WF from the Soviets. With the early vindicator count, the Allies player started bombing away at some infrastructure, slowing down his opponent as he moved to expand. On the back foot, Dimon stepped forward with some conscript and td harassment on a collector. Although slight damage was dealt, the Soviet losses were much greater as good vindicator micro made short work of the fragile Soviet units. Dimon tried the same thing again shortly after, with some flak troopers instead. As a refinery fell to their mines, vindicators and cryocopters were hitting hard in a counterattack. Leaving Dimon with very little remaining, his last hopes relied on one last push Ė a tier 1 mcv push. Moh.Kohaji knew that all he had to do was hold on, so he gave it all he had to defend and managed to fend off the onslaught. Moh.Kohaji took game number 1.

Dimonís map of choice was Battlebase Beta for game 2. Neither player went heavy on the centre this time, with a single barracks from both. Dimon followed up with a fast WF however, and Moh.Kohaji with an airfield. Sneaking in an engineer, a td and a conscript into a bullfrog, Dimon made his way into the Allies base. With the airfield shut down, there was nothing to stop a conscript destroying a wall for the engineer capture. Dimon had Moh.Kohaji in checkmate and took an extremely quick win for game 2.

Snow Plow was up next. Barracks starts from both players this time, with a WF follow-up after 2 refineries from the Soviets and an airfield behind a temporary naval yard for the Allies. Moh.Kohaji was having cheese cravings, moving in for an mcv push behind 2 refineries. But at the same time, with the helped distraction of the Allies mcv, an engineer riptide made its way to the high ground expansion of Dimon and managed to pull of an mcv capture. Not only this, but sold the captured mcv, forcing Dimon to sell his SR and his high ground refinery, while turrets were shelling away at the soviet base. Some sickle harassment did manage to take place around the side of the map in the Alliesí main base to even the score. With the Allies economy in tatters, Dimon had time to rebuild his own mcv, and he had enough units to stop his opponent from moving a muscle. Despite the engineer captures, it wasnít enough as Dimon took it to a 3-1.

Match point now as they loaded up Industrial Strength. Two barracks openers came out from both this time, with a heavy investment on trying to take control of the garrisons and make a foothold on the map. After throwing a sizeable number of dogs into the meat grinder, the pk count was not high enough to deal with the conscripts and bears from Dimon, which allowed Dimon to take part of the map and secure both oil derricks. Behind this, Dimon got a WF and Moh.Kohaji got an airfield, before both players moved to expand. With a significant number of conscripts at his disposal, Dimon launched an assault with the aid of some WF units at the front of the Allies base. A naval yard was out for some riptides and Moh.Kohaji realised that he would have to move his mcv back to defend with turrets. However, his mcv pushed too far into the frontline, allowing a td to stop it in its tracks. All that Moh.Kohaji had was some riptides to try and hold the fort, but Dimonís td micro was on point and he was not letting his units die. There was no answer from the Allies player as he typed ďggĒ and surrendered.

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Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:

Winner's Podium

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IPB ImageMoh.KohajiIPB Image
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Congratulations for Dimon for yet another tournament victory!

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