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FTW #45 Recap

By GBHmichael - 12th April 2017 - 04:46 AM

Welcome back, Commanders! Let’s remind ourselves of how FTW #45 unfolded.

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It was a decent turnout this time around, with 17 players testing their mettle with the hope of winning a chunk of the whopping $110 prize.

In round 1, some recognisable players were thrown out of the ring including bearbaiting and XYBruce. But the quarters were even more heated; we had 8 players who had all made it far in previous events, only 4 of whom could advance. This meant an unfortunate upset for Alvin_Tey, 9track, LiquidOcelot and even Pika. On the flipside, Duelon and Goldy prevailed to face each other in the round of 4. Dimon and Deep_D_Fantasy also made it through on the other half, guaranteeing a soviet finalist.

Goldy and Duelon were flying through their series, with no games exceeding the 10-minute mark. Goldy took a commanding lead in the series, taking the first 2 maps. But Duelon wasn’t going out without a fight, as he not only won on the 3rd map, he brought it back to a 3-2 in his favour. Meanwhile, Deep_D_fantasy was off to a great start vs Dimon with the first point to his name. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Deep_D_Fantasy had to leave half way through the 2nd game, meaning that he had to forfeit the series. So, it was decided, an SvE finals between Duelon and Dimon!

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Commentary by GBHmichael

Fire Island was first up for the finals. Duelon started out with 3 dojos for the oil derricks into a mecha bay, while Dimon pulled out a page from the back of his playbook and opened with a crane for a tesla push. Packing up his mcv, Dimon rolled across the map, but was slowed down by a pesky burst drone. With the significant delay to his push, Duelon had plenty of infantry to deal with any threatening base defences, so Dimon decided to hide out in the water. Following up with an airfield, Dimon took to the skies and tried to take air dominance over the empire. When Dimon struck, Duelon saw his chance and split off some of his vxs to take out the vulnerable soviet mcv. In what may have seemed like a good move at the time, Duelon sacrificed his entire army in the process and could no longer gain any footing with his tengu count. Thus, Dimon overpowered the empire with sheer numbers and won game number 1.

As the loser of game 1, Duelon chose Cabana Republic for the next map. Opening with 4 dojos and a delayed 3rd refinery, Duelon was looking to boom his economy. On the other hand, Dimon wanted to be the aggressor so he began with an early naval yard for some stingrays. In response to this, Duelon managed to get some tankbusters up in time so stop them wreaking havoc to his base. But Dimon had a trick up his sleeve, as he brought an engineer in a bullfrog across the map completely undetected. Firing next to the now-late naval yard, there was nothing to deny the capture, so Duelon was forced to sell it, forcing the transition into a mecha bay. In the meantime, Dimon had his 3rd refinery up and running and started building up to a powerful twin/frog army. Keeping the focus on Duelon’s side, Dimon brought in some bears to compliment the patiently-waiting stingrays, but Duelon held with some nice tankbuster and tengu micro. But as this was all going on, Dimon’s twin/frog had gotten out of control and there was no contesting his forces for the skies. Twinblades and bullfrogs took full control and secured a 2nd soviet win.

Game 3 was then played on Battlebase Beta. In a similar turn of events to the previous game, Duelon opened with a single dojo into a fast 3rd refinery, while Dimon wanted aggression with a 2 rax. But as Duelon’s 3rd was slightly delayed, Dimon managed to block the water refinery with a bear, rendering the 2500 investment out of the empire completely useless. Poised to push, Dimon followed up with a WF and brought a terror drone and some sickles to join the party. As Duelon had spent so much money early on and gained nothing in return, his mecha bay was too late to stop the pressure. Picking off the mecha bay, a refinery and infecting the water collector, Duelon was out for the count as he went on to say “gg”.

Match point now, as we jumped into game 4 on Infinity Isle. With a very unusual move, Dimon decided to sell off his barracks as soon as his engineer popped, meaning that he wouldn’t have any production until his 2 refineries and WF had finished. Fully aware of this, Duelon ramped up the aggression, mixing in a couple of turrets and dojos for a push. Deploying right inside Dimon’s base, Duelon managed to destroy the soviet WF and have Dimon scrambling for crushes with some hammer tanks and his mcv. When it looked like it may well be over, Duelon looked away for a split second and lost his remaining infantry to one of the hammers. It looked to have stabalised for a while. Teching right up to vxs, Duelon tried to find an opening to attack. But every time he flew in, he ended up losing a chunk of his army and Dimon was keeping everything alive. As Dimon got his 4th and started advancing to tier 3, Duelon realised his position and surrendered. Dimon was the FTW #45 champion with a 4-0 victory.

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Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:

Congratulations to Dimon on yet another tournament win!

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