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FTW #46 Recap

By GBHmichael - 16th May 2017 - 23:10 PM

Greetings, Comrades! Hereís a quick recap of the events of FTW #46.

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With a recently increasing number of participants, we were up to 20 players this time around for the $110 cash prize.

The first couple of rounds played out more or less as expected, while we had to say goodbye to Alvin Tey and Goldy. Going into the quarters, it started to heat up a bit as zezo beat Chris 2-1 to make his way into the semis. Zezoís opponent would then be Duelon after he defeated his opponent, zaar as well. Meanwhile, in a soviet civil war, Dimon shattered B00Mís hopes in a quick 2-0 series and Deep_D_Fantasy left with the same score vs bearbaiting.

On to the semi-finals and in the upper half we started things off with an empire mirror between Duelon and zezo. In a very back and forth BO5, both players took it in turns to take games off each other until Duelon scraped ahead 3-2. Conversely, Dimon wasnít playing around, taking a decisive 3-0 victory against his soviet opponent, Deep_D_Fantasy. So, it was to all set to be an SvE finals between Duelon and Dimon.

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Commentary by XcpksniperX

Game 1 brought us to Battlebase Beta. The empire player opened with a couple of dojos for an engineer and a scout, before going into a fast mecha bay, while Dimon started taking garrisons throughout the map with a single raxís constript spam. As Dimon made quite apparent, early tengu harassment can be easily negated with a sentry gun between his starting refineries on this map. This all allowed Dimon to get a faster 3rd refinery, although Duelon was not too far behind. Taking the naval route, Dimon successfully toppled the water refinery of Duelon as he also secured a foothold in the centre. Trying to be aggressive on land, Dimon was continuously forced back as Duelon hit Dimon in the backside with his mobile tengu/vx army, albeit achieving very little. Dimon now geared up to take his 4th refinery on the high ground near his opponent and continued to grow, while Duelon struggled on only 2. Eventually, Duelon could not compete with the remaining soviet forces, despite having raised Dimonís mcv, and was forced out of the game.

Infinity Isle was up next. Once again, Duelon was not looking to play infantry-centric, with just 2 dojos before his mecha bay, but Dimon cranked up the volume with a barracks fast war factory. Soviet sickles made their way across the map, with even a couple of flak troopers inside a bullfrog to dish out the real damage. But Dimon stopped those pesky flak troopers before they managed to get any real damage done, leaving him with lone sickles and a terror drone to continue his attack. Fending off the pressure, both players got up to their 3rd refinery. Dimon moved into twinfrog to pressure the naval refinery, delaying mining for a significant amount of time. In the meantime, however, Duelon took his land expansion and Dimon was none the wiser. But Duelon stopped paying attention and accidentally built 2 refinery cores at the same time, meaning that when Dimon came into his base with his ground and air army, he was far from prepared. Attempting to avert Dimonís gaze, Duelon managed to sneak some vxs to the back of Dimonís base to kill some infrastructure. However, this last-ditch attempt at aggression left the empire's entire economy at the mercy of twinblades. With no remaining economy or army, Duelon tapped out.

Duelonís map of choice was Cabana Republic for game number 3. Both players attempted to get both oil derricks this time as Duelon got 3 dojos and Dimon got a war factory after 2 refineries with 2 engineers for a bullfrog. Both ended up with a single oil derrick each, but Dimon lost 2 engineers in the process. Dimon expanded up to the high ground with a power plant for a quick economic boost, but Duelonís 3rd was lagging a bit behind. A healthy sickle/frog army was standing soon after, so Dimon marched across the map to his opponentís 3rd. Duelon was aware of the attack in plenty of time and prepared to engage with 4 vxs. However, some unfortunate vx micro and nice sickle saves meant that every single vx fell from the skies and Dimon had units to boot. A refinery behind with his forces in tatters, Duelon threw in the towel, putting Dimon on match point.

Industrial Strength was chosen for game 4. Two barracks came out from the soviet player while Dimon started with 3 dojos. With a couple of bears to delay the conscript swarm, conscripts were placed in useful garrisons throughout the centre. Dimon used this position to take both oil derricks for himself. Just outside the empire base, an imperial warrior army started to amass, mixing in some tankbusters. Two defender cores popped from the empire mcv and with the infantry, Duelon went across the map with a taste for blood. At this moment in time, Dimon had sold both of his barracks and had produced a super reactor and war factory. Without a barracks, Dimon was going to have to hold with off with crushes. The soviet mcv packed up and went in for just that with the aid of a single hammer tank. The tankbusters decided not to take cover from these even a single bit and all got their faces splattered on the pavement. One momentís lack of attention from Duelon's attack was brought to an end as he said ďggĒ and Dimon took the 4-0.

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Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:

Congratulations to Dimon on yet another tournament win!

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